Should I get the Flu Shot?

Yes! Article over (just kidding). There are a lot of myths and misinformation about getting your yearly flu vaccine, but the truth is it has never been more important to get one. Here’s your pressing questions, answered:

Will getting the flu shot actually give me the flu?

No, though this is a common belief. While some people feel a reaction to the flu shot as your body builds up antibodies from it to fight the real flu, it can’t give you the flu. There’s very little (if any) downside to getting your flu shot. And there’s lots of upside.

Will the flu shot protect me against Covid-19?

Unfortunately not directly. But what it will do is protect you against many strains of this year’s flu. If you don’t get the flu shot you can possibly get both the flu and Covid-19 at the same time! This is called a co-infection, and it’s bad news for your body, as the flu is a serious seasonal illness. Just to make clear, the illnesses are unrelated, you can’t get one from catching the other. But, just because you have the flu, doesn’t make you immune to catching Covid-19 (and vice-versa).

Should everyone get a flu shot? Even children?

Everyone above six months of age is recommended to get a flu shot, especially this year. Even if you are healthy and not worried about the flu, the risk of getting an illness like the flu and then possibly catching Covid-19 at the same time means you need to protect yourself. The one exception is for people with egg allergies. They should consult their physician before getting a flu shot, as many versions of the flu vaccine contain egg products.

Are they benefits to the Flu shot other than not catching the flu?

Yes! Studies have shown that getting a flu shot can reduce the risk of a heart attack in people with cardiovascular disease. Many health insurances also offer bonuses (even cash!) for receiving a flu shot. Plus there is the satisfaction of knowing you did your best not only to avoid the flu, but to avoid catching it and passing it along to those who are more vulnerable.

It’s time to go get your flu shot! We’ll be right behind you. Our founder, Dr. Juan, has already done it.

Let’s get healthier, together.

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