¡SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off supplements! Compra →

¡SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off supplements! Compra →

Santo Remedio Entalla

Santo Remedio Entalla
Santo Remedio Entalla

Santo Remedio Entalla


Enough of tricky diets! Entalla is a food system to help you lose weight, having a better nutrition and a healthier life.

There are many important factors in our daily lives to which we must pay attention. Some of them are sleeping, exercising, managing stress, and maintaining social relationships. Together they determine who we are and what we do for having a better health. But there is a risk factor that is completely out of control in our society: obesity.

Achieving your ideal weight goes beyond how you look in the mirror. Your health depends largely on keeping fit, "en talla". Dr. Juan Rivera –together with nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano—, created Entalla, a weight loss system that combines patented products, diet plans, and recipes to facilitate weight control and to improve overall health. The program is the product of over a decade of work they have dedicated to educate and create preventive health tools.

With this book you will get to know Entalla and its three phases: cleansing, weight loss —with 6 eating styles to choose from— and maintenance, each one accompanied by delicious recipes. In addition, you’ll find a section of holy remedies that will help you to:

  • Manage stress, increase energy and maintain hydration.
  • Support the consumption of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.
  • Encourage fiber and protein intake.
  • Improve sleep and strengthen the brain.

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Santo Remedio Entalla

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