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3 tips to a new you in time for the new year!

3 Tips para renovarse, ¡y estar listo para el nuevo año!

Are you counting down the days until holiday celebrations begin? We all are! You may also not be feeling comfortable enough to buy a plane ticket or travel far from home yet. That doesn't mean you still can't take advantage of the countdown to reinvigorate, reflect, and readjust so that you start the new year off on the right foot! We want to help you improve every aspect of your life, so we created 3 practical, fundamental tips to help you make the most out of these last days of the year.

Rest and restore your internal clock.

You might have taken vacation time this year, but did it feel like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Days off don’t always equate to rest because we fill the calendar with activities that leave the body feeling exhausted. Consider using at least a third of your day to rest. This means sleeping, relaxing, long naps, massage time, long warm baths, soft music, or any other relaxing activity with no rush. Take this time also to redefine your bedtime and start a healthy sleep routine you will carry into 2022. Studies show that when the circadian rhythm is altered, metabolic risks increase with the onset of related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues (1). Organizing yourself will help you improve your physical and mental performance. Improving your circadian cycle helps you organize your diet, hormones, and metabolism.

In addition to establishing and following a routine, try natural supplements with melatonin, passionflower, and ashwagandha to support relaxation and stress management.

Disconnect from technology and be in the present.

How long has it been since you grounded in reality? Gurus and life coaches often blame our modern lifestyle for turning us into ‘living zombies,’ and the idea is not too far-fetched. An excess of technology, social media, and internet information has saturated and exhausted us mentally, while making it easy to disconnect from reality. We no longer enjoy our senses and environment in the real world because our nose is constantly glued to a screen. The recipe to overcome this is to return to reality via the senses. Take a walk outside or discover a new park in your city. Don’t plug in headphones to listen to music. Listen to the sounds around you and take in the sights instead. Observe, smell, taste, touch… Nature has different aromas, colors, flavors, and textures that can surprise you and have proven to support overall well-being (2). If you bump into someone, put your cell phone aside! Look them in the eye, listen, and pay attention. You’ll instantly be in the present to enjoy the moment!


We all have different priorities according to our individual goals. However, it’s easy to give away time and energy to activities and obligations for others that don’t necessarily interest or benefit us. This can become burdensome… Before the end of the year, analyze thoroughly where you are devoting time and resources to reinvest in yourself.

Once you have decided how you will take care and make yourself a priority, reorganize your schedule so that your focus going into the new year can be on your improvement, growth, goals, and empowerment. There are studies that demonstrate a link between self-care (including a healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet and exercise) and improved self-esteem, psychological health, and productivity (3). If you decide to improve your health by losing weight, organize yourself and your new priorities and you will achieve it. Allow time in your schedule for daily or weekly exercise, meal preparation, and rest and relaxation. Create a list of activities you are eliminating to remind yourself throughout the year that these are NOT YOUR PRIORITY.

A good tool to help keep you focused is the ENTALLA system. It was created precisely with you and your needs in mind and provides the boost we all need to make real change. In addition to nutritional guidelines, you will receive important information that is fundamental to complete transformation regarding proper rest, physical activity, meditation, and relaxation. If that’s not enough, we even provide a list of supplements you can use to make the journey a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, including our: Super Slim Café to support fat conversion and boost metabolism, Will Pow(d)er for central nervous system support and whole-body hydration, and MetaBoost to activate your metabolism.

Put a positive spin on your end-of-year resolutions. Recharge your batteries and get ready to start the best year of your life!

Let's get healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio Team



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