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4 Ways to boost your digestion in one move

4 Formas de mejorar tu salud digestiva, ¡en un solo paso!

You can be one of the fortunate individuals whose digestion runs on schedule. However, a lot of folks assert that they have digestive issues like bloating, gas, bloating, and pain.

The colon is the organ in charge of absorbing water and of intervening in the controlled evacuation of feces, since it acts as a filter in the organism. However, occasionally, food waste accumulates in the intestines and can weigh up to four pounds, resulting in discomfort, heaviness, and a lack of successful bathroom trips. It is crucial to take care of this area of our body, which is the final structure responsible for processing food, in order to improve nutrient absorption and, by extension, our health.

To help regularize the waste elimination process and support weight loss, Santo Remedio launched Colon Plus. It is a product that helps the colon do its job while also attending to other crucial issues related to the body's ability to eliminate toxins. Look at its primary advantages:

  1. Enhance the fiber

The ability of fiber to both prevent and treat constipation is well documented (1). However, occasionally it might be difficult to include the right amount in our diets, either because we eat too much processed food or because we don't have access to fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Colon Plus contains a blend of soluble and insoluble fiber from Psyllium and beets, which sweeps away waste, improving the evacuation of the body in a natural, gentle and very effective way.

  1. Promotes liver health

The Colon Plus formula from Santo Remedio also aids the liver's function, which helps in the breakdown of lipids for digestion. This includes Milk Thistle, a plant that has been shown in several studies to help maintain healthy liver function. It has been shown that it can help to improve various aspects related to this work, which is why it is considered a very valuable ingredient for the health of this vital organ (2).

  1. Maintains the gut flora

Did you know that having a healthy intestinal flora helps our whole organism to be healthy? Maintaining the balance of our flora and taking care of our digestive process is equivalent to preventing diseases, since we have a better absorption of food nutrients. This is made possible by dietary fiber (3) and probiotics, also included in Colon Plus, to help restore the balance of our microbiota or flora.

  1. Can help with weight loss

Improving the digestive process and allowing better bowel movements can help in weight control, if used in conjunction with a healthy diet, combined with exercise (4). Numerous studies have demonstrated that fiber can aid in weight loss by regulating the digestive system and enhancing other health indicators. According to additional studies, consuming the probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri, which is a component of Colon Plus, on a regular basis is beneficial when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. (5)




Imagine what it would be like to receive all of these advantages in a single action. Colon Plus has a wonderful mango flavor and is free of gluten and sugar. Just add one scoop to a glass of at least 8 ounces of cold water. Mix it well and consume it immediately. An easy, quick and very tasty way to help your bathroom visits and your entire digestive system really run like clockwork.

Your Santo Remedio Team



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