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Beets: The superfood for the heart and blood pressure

Remolacha: El superalimento para la presión arterial y el corazón

You are probably like most people who are not the biggest fans of beets. However, beets have numerous health benefits, which is why it is worth giving them a chance. Beets are high in fiber, provide energy, contain nutrients that fight free radicals, have essential minerals for muscle and nerve health, and help fight inflammation. Most importantly, studies show they help support cardiovascular health by improving circulation and controlling blood pressure.


Thanks to continued research benefits, consuming Beta vulgaris rubra, the scientific name for red beets, has also become popular as a health support supplement. Nevertheless, it has been used for centuries, as records mention it in the cultures of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome (1).


Proven benefits of beets


  • Beets are a source of nitrate, a compound that, when metabolized in the body, becomes nitric oxide, which is important for cardiovascular health. Nitric oxide is a gas released into the blood and has multiple body functions. It primarily acts as a vasodilator as it helps improve blood flow through the body and keeps arteries healthy. As a result, it boosts energy levels, prevents clot formation, and keeps the heart healthy, among other benefits (2). Some studies show that eating beets could also improve athletic performance and decrease muscle soreness in certain types of exercise due to their high nitrate content. (3)


  • This tuber is also rich in nutrients, including minerals such as magnesium and potassium, vitamins C and vitamins B, and bioactive compounds that provide health benefits. (2)


  • Another crucial aspect is that it contains betalains, which have been shown to fight chronic inflammation and related health problems, eliminate oxidative stress, and help prevent DNA damage, among other benefits. (3)


Considering this extensive list of proven health benefits, don’t you think it is time to include more beets in your diet? The great thing is that beets are a versatile vegetable that you can eat sweet and savory, hot or cold. You can use them in sauces, salads, smoothies, cakes, and soups. The possibilities are endless!


If you are still not convinced, we have the perfect solution: Circulation Plus. It is a beneficial supplement that easily helps you add more beets to your daily diet. Best of all, you only need to add a teaspoon to a glass of water, mix and enjoy its delicious cherry flavor to improve cardiovascular health and boost energy levels. Are you ready to try it? 


Your Santo Remedio team






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