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4 Natural masks that make your skin look fresh

4 Mascarillas naturales que hacen lucir tu piel fresca

Helping our skin look young and beautiful can be as easy as going to the kitchen and mixing some of the ingredients we have in the pantry. That's right, at home we have everything we need to give our skin extra and natural support from time to time. Pampering our skin regularly is part of the secret to radiant, velvety skin, as it helps remove dead cells while stimulating circulation, as long as we use the right ingredients. See here which ones can help you.


1. Honey and oatmeal mask

This time it is not a delicious recipe for breakfast, but a mask that can relieve acne thanks to its calming effects. Honey is also popular for its antipathogenic effects, that is, it helps prevent skin infections.(1) and at the same time, hydrates. Oatmeal, for its part, will help youto to combat irritationeithern from the skin and removeto gently removes dirt accumulated in the pores.

Hydrate two tablespoons of oats with three tablespoons of almond milk, so that the flakes remain soft, and add a tablespoon of honey. Stir everything and massage your face gently with the mixture.. OfLet it sit for ten minutes and rinse with cold water.Yoto. Therefore, the ideal is moisturize, restore your skin's natural glow and stimulate productioneitherno of cabbagetogeno. For that, you can usesr the Moisturizing Facial Cream of PIEL ETERNA.


2. Mask yogurt and cucumber

Sureamente Have you already used this grandmother's remedy when your skin turns red from the sun?, ¡and works! It is due to toacid ltotic that contains. ANDstto proven that it can reverse aging caused by the sun and remove spots on the skin(2). cucumber serveto to refresh the skin, especially if you use it you barely take it out ofl refrigerator.

In a bowl, pour a cup of sugar-free yogurtorcar and half a cucumber without skin, ground as puree. Mix everything and add a tablet Cabbagetogeno crushed to enhance the anti-aging effect of this mask. Massage carefully for a couple of minutes and then let it act. by another ten minutes.

Take advantage of that moment to relax and pamper yourself. ¡You can even put cucumber slices on your eyes to complete the look. look and refresh your look.


3. C maskurcuma

We have already told you on other occasions all the benefits that curcuma for your body but we haven't told you that it alsoIt favors the skin. You can use their anti-inflammatory benefits to relieve acne breakoutsand.

Mix two tablespoons of curcumin with a tablespoon of coconut milk or your preference, until you obtain a uniform paste. Incorporates the content of a ccapsule of Vitamin D3 That inIt only works for strong bones, tooIt can help reduce inflammation and delay cellular aging. (3). Apply with circular movements on your face and let it rest. by 15 minutes. Rinse until removeds la mask completely. On subsequent nights, you can start using the A.C.E. Intensive Regenerating Oil with Retinol to achieve a rejuvenating effect and, in the process, reduce the llines of expressionon.


4. Mask papaya and rice

Are you overor a little piece of papaya of your smoothie? Do not throw it away! Papaya is known for its flavor and the benefits that eating it brings us, but alsoI canwould help us delay aging (4) thanks to the vitamins and minerals it has.

Crush a piece of papaya without seeds or skin and add two tablespoons of rice flour plus the content of a ccapsule of Resveratrol, that will help protect your skin from the dreaded radiation.ultraviolet ion and prevent the aging of the epidermis. (5)

Prepare a uniform dough and put it on your face with delicate movements. dlet it act for 15 minutes and rinseagawith cold waterYoto.

Remember that before applying a mask it is important to wash your face well with a cleanser designedñado to remove impurities in depth, while providing nutrients to your skin, such as Purifying Cleanser of PIEL ETERNA with ceramides, green tea and vitamin E.

¿Do you dare to try these masks?? THave a night for yourself with this health and beauty routine, while you enjoy the mmusic you like, you light some aroma candlesattics and you enjoy A rich Tand passionflower. You deserve it!

Your team, Santo Remedio.





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