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5 Incredible Powers of Vitamin D

5 poderes de la vitamina D


Research shows that nearly one million people around the world need to receive treatment for vitamin D deficiency. This is a considerable number, so it would be good to make sure you do not belong in this group (1). It turns out that vitamin D fulfills numerous functions in the body and, therefore, in health, by regulating calcium metabolism, which contributes to strong bones. A lack of vitamin D can affect your bone health, immune system, and even mood. Find out more about the benefits vitamin D offers and how to consume it, whether as food or a daily supplement.


Supports healthy, radiant skin

Maintaining the recommended vitamin D levels in the body is one way to prevent skin aging. According to research, vitamin D deficiency is related to dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, and vitiligo. It even has to do with hair loss (2). If you want amazing skin and further protect your face, you can increase your vitamin D intake plus, you can also try the PIEL ETERNA Anti-Aging set.


Boosts the immune system

Vitamin D helps the immune system function properly, reduces the risk of diseases in the respiratory system, and prevents viral and bacterial infections (3). A good way to further strengthen your defenses is to add Vitamin C to your daily routine to protect your health all the time.


Promotes cardiovascular health

Some cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can be reduced with a vitamin D supplement to lower the risk of coronary heart disease and can also affect blood sugar levels (4). Another alternative to strengthen your cardiac system is using Santo Remedio’s Red Yeast Rice supplement.


Improves your mood

Another power of this popular vitamin is that it has shown to be a promising strategy for reducing depression symptoms. Similarly, vitamin D is associated with reducing depression symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum (5). That’s why a healthy mind is a healthy body.


Controls sugar levels

According to research, vitamin D can help control blood sugar levels. The same study shows that adequate vitamin D levels in the body are related to a lower risk of developing diabetes (6).


Sources of Vitamin D

Skin exposure to sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, and only a small proportion comes from food. Since this vitamin is also essential for bone health (7), some foods you can consume are eggs, fish, mushrooms, and yogurt, among others. 

Providing your body with the necessary vitamins is your responsibility and a good daily decision to protect your health.


Let’s be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team




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