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Get Active Together as a Family: 3 Fun Exercises for a Healthier Heart

Actívate en Familia:  3 Divertidos Ejercicios para un Corazón más Saludable

Oftentimes, we receive comments (mostly from women who are mothers or grandmothers) about little time and energy to exercise. There is no urgency to take time, attention, and dedication away from their children or grandchildren. While it is never a waste any time spent dedicated to our health, we know that Hispanic women are experts at putting themselves last. Well, not anymore!

We have come up with three options for exercises you can do together as a family. They are safe, easy, inexpensive, and lots of fun! No matter what age you are, or the children in your care, if you take these steps, you can have fun, create competitions, add music, and make your hearts grow stronger.

Remember that aerobic exercise is VERY important for cardiovascular health and supports it on several fronts: (1)

  • Reduces the likelihood of coronary heart disease

  • Decreases the risk of mortality from clogged arteries

  • Improves blood lipid levels

  • Moderates blood pressure

  • Assists with weight loss

  • Decreases the risk of diabetes and helps control it

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Slows down aging

  • Helps you maintain a more positive attitude

Our 3 suggestions for family exercise are:

1. Move like an expert Hula-hoop dancer.

We know you might be thinking it's silly that a child's game can serve as cardiovascular exercise, but it does! And it is an excellent one at that.

  • Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to increase your heart rate and improve the strength of your heart muscles.

  • Hula hooping has also been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol, something normally achieved with resistance exercise.

  • It also has positive effects on overall lipids and blood pressure and has been studied for its ability to help ‘reshape’ the body by decreasing abdominal circumference and increasing trunk muscle mass - more than is achieved by walking.

  • In recent years, this ancient Greek dance has once again become one of the most studied aerobic training options. Backed by scientific evidence, hula hooping has been incorporated into workout classes around the globe and within exercise video games. It is especially recommended for people who are overweight and trying to lose weight.

  • It is estimated that an average of 3 to 7 calories per minute can be burned with only moderate movement. In addition to its aerobic contribution, it helps strengthen the lower abdominal muscles, lower back, thighs, hips, knees, and ankles. (2)

2. Bounce like a kid on a trampoline.

Who doesn't enjoy being a kid again? That's precisely what it feels like when we bounce endlessly on a trampoline. You may have one in the backyard or at a nearby park, or you can purchase a small one to use at home. It's an activity that is gaining fans because of how easy and fun it is. While it may seem like just a game, it's a great cardiovascular workout.

  • A recent Italian study tested this work out on a group of 18 overweight women over the course of 12 weeks. The results showed improvements in body composition including circumference, fat, and lean and muscle mass.

  • Bouncing also decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure, lipids, and glucose while increasing energy and decreasing pain.

  • It is especially recommended for overweight women as a viable training option. (3)

  • It has also been proven that small intervals of exercise on a mini trampoline can improve heart rate, oxygen consumption, calorie expenditure, and caloric expenditure among people who engage in sedentary activities for many hours. In short, it burns more calories than running or walking and improves the cardiovascular system. (4)

    3. Knock out inactivity with your best boxing moves.

    You don't need to knock anyone out to work out like a boxing pro - just mimic the arm and footwork of the ring's best champions!

    • Thirty minutes can burn up to 400 calories and improve heart rate and blood vessel function.

    • A study conducted in Australia evaluated the effectiveness of boxing-type training, compared to brisk walking, in obese men and women. They exercise for 12 weeks, 4 times per week. The results showed a decrease in body fat and blood pressure, increased vitality, and better cardiovascular response.

    • Another very important aspect is how easy it was to keep the boxing group motivated, which is of great help when we want to generate sustainable changes in our personal health and lifestyle. (5)

    There are no excuses. Take the proper precautions to do these exercises safely and take the time to warm up to them. Enjoy getting fit in a fun and family-friendly way!

    You know you have our full support when it comes to improving your cardiovascular health. This month, especially, we have strived to provide you with the best options for helping you achieve full nutrition, motivation, supplementation, and physical activities.

    There are two spectacular and free plans that include diet and exercise for every single day of the month. One of these is specially prepared to support your heart health, so take advantage!

    We can always be healthier if we do it together.

    Your Santo Remedio Team

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