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Shake at your own rhythm and activate your body in just 7 minutes!

Bate a tu ritmo y ¡activa tu cuerpo en solo 7 minutos!

Short intensive workouts are all the rage now, not only because they save you time, but because they're perfect for those who find it difficult to commit to lengthy training programs. Studies show that an intensive workout of only seven minutes can help decrease waist circumference and has positive effects on weight loss and muscle composition (1). So why not give it a try? Keep in mind that a consistent routine will help you see the results you want. Equally important is to provide your body proper nutrition on a regular basis. What better way to do that than with a nutritious protein shake?

This recipe is not only delicious but will also give your body added benefits in recovery. Try it right after a short, intense workout and the results will be staring at you in the mirror!


  • 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein

  • 1 cup of almond, coconut, or oat milk

  • ½ half banana, sliced

  • Contents of 1 turmeric capsule

  • A handful of blueberries

  • Ice cubes (optional)


Add the milk and protein supplement to a blender. Pour in the contents of the turmeric capsule along with the banana pieces and blueberries. Add in a few ice cubes if you’d like for a refreshing touch. Blend it all together and your smoothie will be ready to enjoy while you finish other activities or take the time to recover from your workout.

What are the benefits?

  • Research encourages consumption of protein supplements, especially for people involved in sports or exercise. Protein helps build and recover muscles and bones from wearing out over the years. (2)

  • Turmeric is widely known for its medicinal properties of reducing inflammation and muscle soreness generated by exercise and improving recovery and performance in physically active people, as revealed by recent studies. (3)

  • Banana is a delicious fruit that contains several bioactive compounds that exert positive effects on health and well-being. Several studies show it alleviates and treats diseases like ulcers, infections, and high blood pressure, among others. (4)

  • Another popular and helpful fruit to add to your smoothies are blueberries. Studies indicate they are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, so including them regularly in your diet can be very beneficial to your health. (5)

Cheer up! Take the next 7 minutes to jump, stretch, and use your muscles. You already have a delicious recipe for recovery on hand.

Let's get healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio Team


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