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How to boost your metabolism during the holidays

Cómo aumentar tu metabolismo durante las fiestas

Our metabolism is responsible for converting what we eat and drink into energy. It’s a process that involves a series of chemical reactions occurring inside the cells to keep them alive. Our metabolic speed is dependent on a variety of factors, including age, body fat, muscle mass, physical activity, and genetics (1). The good news is that some factors are within our control, and we can work to boost our metabolism naturally, especially now in the peak of holiday season when we eat more than usual. Here are some tips to help you put into practice to get your metabolism soaring!

Increase physical activity

You've surely heard before how exercise can speed up metabolism, in addition to helping you lose weight. Based on research, physical activity and exercise are key components to energy output and equilibrium. It’s been proven that exercise contributes to metabolic health (2). Start an exercise routine you enjoy but makes you sweat. Half an hour daily is enough to create significant metabolic change.

Get quality and quantity sleep

According to studies, mental stress and lack of sleep can increase appetite and cravings while decreasing motivation to perform physical activity. These factors contribute to weight gain, obesity, and slow metabolism (3). Now that the holidays are here, late nights await so be sure to get enough hours of good sleep. If you need some help, try our Sleep Formula to help you fall asleep faster and get the rest you deserve. This formula is natural and contains melatonin and chamomile to improve sleep quality (4) and promote a good night's sleep.

Increase your energy output

In addition to exercise, another way to increase energy output is using MetaBoost. This supplement contains calcium, essential for the proper nerve functioning and muscle contraction that promotes metabolism (5). MetaBoost also contains chromium, an essential element that plays a key role in insulin regulation. A deficiency of this mineral can lead to impaired glucose metabolism because of poor insulin efficiency. (6)

Burn fat

Cold weather and more free time can encourage laziness and an unwillingness to participate in activities that can help us burn more fat. Aside from exercise, you can help your body with this task. The Super Slim Café of Colombian origin is a delicious way to burn fat, boost metabolism, and convert fat to energy. In addition to fiber, this super coffee contains 14 plant-based superfoods like cocoa, a rich source of polyphenols that has received a lot of recent attention for its role in helping manage obesity (7). Super Slim Café also includes ginger, which can help promote weight loss and glycemic control. (8)

A few simple changes are all it takes to give you the motivation you need to celebrate a healthy holiday season. Start the new year with a better metabolism.

Let's get healthier together.

Your friends, Santo Remedio



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