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How does the new nutrition label help me lose weight?

¿Cómo la nueva etiqueta nutricional me ayuda en la pérdida de peso?

 Everything in life flows and changes. Fortunately, that also happens with the nutritional information of many foods that we consume daily, specifically, those processed... The most dangerous when we want to lose weight! Therefore, the information labeln nutritional, that is included in every manufactured product and that many of us overlook when we prepare our food, was modified. After two decades without major changes, those required by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally debuted this year. (1)

 WhyDid you change that poster full of numbers and percentages? And whyShould we pay attention to that information? Because these new data are more important than the previous ones and we must take them into account to support our health with better nutrition, especially if we want to lose and maintain weight, avoiding problems related to being overweight such as heart attacks, high blood pressure or cholesterol. .

 Everything you see reflected on that label is vital to understand to know if a product is really a good food for you. Therefore, today we want to show you the highlights that our nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano alerts us to, so that these data help you make better food decisions. Let's see.


The portions

 One of the biggest confusionsThe biggest problem we had with the previous labels was the one related to portions. First, because the previous label showed a portion ideal”, which generally did not coincide with the actual portion that people consume of a product. For example, before I appearedto a serving of ice cream equivalent to half a cup, when in reality we usually eat at least 1 cup.

 Nowadays, the portions alsoThey are measured by cups, tablespoons, pieces or slices, which are measurements for everyday use, easier to understand and calculate.

 The new packaging says at the top, clearly and prominently How many servings does the container have? and then the nutritional facts equivalent to a portion. (2)


The calories

 To avoid the “deceptions” that we do with food when we want to give ourselves a moment of pleasure, now, the calories are clearly displayed at the top, in bold font and highlighted in a colored stripe

 Calories represent the amount of "energy" we can obtain from a food, coming from carbohydrates, fats, proteins and alcohol. But as we mentioned in the previous point, one container does not necessarily equal one serving. That is why we must read the information well. If the label says that the serving has, for example, 150 calories and there are 4 servings on the container. If you eat the entire contents of the container, you will actually be consuming 600 caloriesace. (3)

    The only way to avoid gaining weight and getting sick is to learn to balance the amount of calories we consume with the amount of calories our body needs.


Daily Value Percentages

 The percent daily value or DV tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of that food contributes to your total nutrition for the day. That is, for example, if you need to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet, you should make sure that a portion of food does not have a sodium percentage greater than 20%. And instead, you can have more than 20% potassium, since this mineral helps reduce sodium. In fact, this number should always be higher than sodium.

 Potassium and vitamin D are two nutrients that debut on the new label. Both are very important for general health, but they tend to be at low levels in much of the population. To know exactly your nutrient levels and which ones you need, you should consult with your mdoctor and ask him to perform blood tests that will allow you to know your numbers, such as the amount of vitamin D, calcium, sodium, etc.

     A basic guide to determining if a serving of food provides you with enough nutritional value in certain nutrients is:

  • 5% of the DV or less of a nutrient per serving is considered low.
  • 20% of the DV or more of one nutrient per servingn is considered high. (4)


Azúadded cares

 The percentage of sugaradded cares is another piece of information incorporated into the label (5). In this it is mentioned Added Sugars” and “Total Sugars.” The first is equivalent to white sugar that is added to a product. And the second also includes the natural sugar of a product, coming from milk, fruits or vegetables.

 The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation is to limit calories from sugar.foods added to less than 10 percent of total daily calories. That is, a person who consumes 2000 calories a day, I shouldn'tto consume more than 50 grams of sugarcares yearadded (or 200 calories in total) to avoid health problems.

 In general, to calculate whether a food is LOW or HIGH in sugaradded cares:

  • 5% of the DV or less is a LOW source of sugaradded cares
  • 20% of the DV or more is a HIGH source of sugaradded cares


Less processed products, more freshness

>As our nutritionist always reminds us, unlike other products such as medications, no one watches the food we consume. We are free to eat what we please. The only way to regulate or warn about the possible harm that a food can cause comes from that nutritional label and our decisions.

>The information that that piece of paper provides can sometimes impress us, but it is an important tool to set realistic goals that allow us to overcome obstacles and challenges when it comes to food, with the right mindset to not gain weight or increase the risk of getting sick.

>Don't forget that the fewer processed products you consume and the more fresh and natural products such as fruits, legumes, vegetables and meats you choose, the better your health will be. Visit our daily menus of Entalla for a guide to simple recipes, perfect for every season, delicious and balanced.

>Always remember that every pound less means less inflammation, poisoning and cardiovascular risks.

>In sIn essence, every pound less is a better quality of life for you and your family.


Let's be healthier, together.

Your team Santo Remedio




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