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How to grapple with the side effects of weight loss injections

Cómo mitigar los efectos de las inyecciones para perder peso

We’ve constantly said it: the epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and overweight is immense and very serious. Therefore, it is not surprising that injections to control blood sugar and weight loss, such as Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro, have become so popular. However, people who use them may experience a series of side effects and even major health problems such as thyroid tumors, inflammation of the pancreas, kidney failure, and severe allergic reactions, among others.


It is important to understand the mechanism of these injections that significantly decrease the transit of food in the intestine, delay stomach emptying, and reduce appetite. They help control sugar and lose weight, but also alter the digestive process. Therefore, people often experience:

• Acid reflux

• Heartburn

• Constipation

• Bloating

• Swelling

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Vomiting


What to do to ease side effects?


Several changes can help reduce discomfort:


—To start, eliminate foods high in fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and spicy foods.

—Eat soft foods, which are easily digestible and low in fat.

—Eat soups and gelatins.

—Eat small portions.

—Eat slowly.

—Don't lie down after eating.

—Drink small sips of cold water if you feel nauseous.


At Santo Remedio, we can also help you with these products:


• Colon Plus: Its combination of Psyllium and beet fiber helps move the intestines, avoiding constipation. It also contains probiotics that help control bloating and milk thistle to support proper liver functioning.


• Vitamin B12 and Maca: Since these injections work to lower and control blood sugar levels, it is common for people to experience fatigue as their bodies adjust to the change. To overcome this effect and get the energy you need, you can add both supplements to your routine.


And if you don’t want to take these injections to control sugar and lose weight, you can start with a supplement like Super Nopal. It contains a unique formula that combines Nopal and Chromium Picolinate in a patented form (Chromax ®). This ingredient has been shown to improve carbohydrate metabolism, helping maintain normal blood sugar levels when used with a balanced diet, exercise, and other healthy habits.


You can also download our free 28-day plan and use the supplements in our weight loss kits, which have everything you need to reach this goal, such as appetite control, fat burning, energy, and stress control.


Try your best to keep your sugar and weight under control, two of the determining factors of your current and future health. Make sure to talk to your doctor about the best options for you.


Your Santo Remedio team

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