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Slim from Within. Your Weight Loss Secret is Here!

¡Cambia el enfoque! Pierde de peso de adentro hacia afuera

What is your motivation to lose weight? Chances are you want to look fit, have more energy, or feel more comfortable in your clothes. Maybe you want to have a flat stomach, toned arms, and a slimmer waist to show off next summer. All these reasons are valid because they support your self-esteem. But there are many more powerful reasons to prioritize to achieve a real and more lasting change. These reasons are connected to your health, and we would love for you to understand why they are so important.


  1. Losing weight is not simply about losing as many pounds as possible. Our goal is to change the focus and concentrate first on achieving control of the metabolic parameters, that is, all those numbers that you should constantly be checking and that reflect the state of your body and health, such as cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure.


  1. Controlling these parameters means a radical change in your overall well-being, more energy, better concentration, improved mood, and most importantly: less chances of contracting a serious disease, such as diabetes or cardiovascular.


  1. Being overweight and obese alters heart rate and metabolism, increases lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides, increases blood pressure, and the possibility of developing diabetes, among other factors that may weaken, stress, or make you sick, especially when there is fat accumulated around the abdomen. (1)


  1. Putting your focus on these goals does not mean that you will lose less weight. On the contrary! As these values ​​decrease, you lose visceral fat, which is the fat that accumulates around the organs and abdomen. Therefore, when losing fat, your general weight and abdomen will look much better!


How is the plan?

  • In this plan, you will continue using the same 2-1-2 formula, which is 2 shakes - 1 main meal - 2 snacks.


  • We also suggest adding the Santo Remedio supplements. These can support and accelerate your weight loss process by helping you add more fiber to your diet, feel full for longer, support lean muscle formation, burn fat, control stress, and more.


  • Another important aspect is that our 28-day plan, created by nutritionist Sabrina Hernández, also includes tips to incorporate into your routine so that this transformation is not temporary, but rather allows you to continue losing weight and maintain the best possible state of health in the long run.


Download your FREE plan and start losing weight from the inside out!


Your Santo Remedio team



1.Xavier Pi-Sunyer, The medical risks of obesity, Postgrad Med. 2009 Nov;121(6):21-33. doi: 10.3810/pgm.2009.11.2074.

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