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How A Dermatologist Washes Her Face?

¿Cómo Se Lava la Cara un Dermatólogo?

Our skin is special, and it needs to be taken care of. Age is only a number and our skin is keeping the real score. Every day our skin is dealing with stress, pollutants, and toxins from both the outside and inside.

And the first step to better skin is keeping it clean. With clean skin in mind, we reached out to a dear friend of Dr. Juan and Santo Remedio, the Harvard-trained and world renowned Dermatologist Dr. Leyda Bowes.

We asked Dr. Bowes the best way to clean our hard-working, fantastic skin. We wanted to know how the best of the best take care of their skin: How does a Dermatologist wash her face?

Step #1 Let Skin Use Its Natural Defences

Keeping skin clean is your most important beauty ritual. And this most important ritual begins with good preparation. Skin that has been stripped of its essential fatty acids can’t protect itself naturally, so it’s absolutely vital to avoid harsh chemicals in any products you use to clean your skin.

“Many people have never learned how to clean their skin properly,” says Dr. Bowes, “or they’ve never had a cleanser without harsh chemicals. Your skin will thank you for keeping it clean.

You’ll be amazed at the difference.”

Step #2 Clean Hands Lead to Clear Skin

A doctor knows what’s under the microscope and on our hands. So Dr. Bowes recommends always cleaning your hands thoroughly any time you are about to wash your face. Indeed it’s important to have clean hands any time you are even going to touch your face. Washing your face without clean hands first can actually do more harm than good by introducing dirt, oil and bacteria into our pores.

Step #3 Use Cool Water and Wash Gently

Many people wash their face in hot, hot water. But this can damage skin and break down its essential fatty acids. Use clean hands and cool water, and wash by moving your hands in gentle circles.

Work from the bridge of your nose outward to the sides of your face. Try tracing your bone structure to make sure you are cleaning even the overlooked places. And instead of harshly rubbing your skin like you would a countertop, try to focus on gently massaging your skin.

A good cleanser will cleanse your skin with only gentle pressure. And gentle pressure won’t break down your skin’s natural defences. A gentle massage while washing your face can even stimulate blood flow and repair the skin!

Step #4 Rinse Gently and Pat Dry

Are you noticing a theme here? It’s all about being gentle on your skin. Use more cool water to wash away your cleanser, and take small handfuls, don’t necessarily dip your face into a sink full of water. Repeat the process until your skin is completely clear of cleanser. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Many of the best skin cleansers also contain antioxidants, and these need time to work their way into skin.

When you are finished, pat dry with a clean towel. People often dry their face with a dirty towel that still has makeup on it! This can be the moment that clogs pores, introduces more dirt and oil to the skin, and creates all sorts of skin issues.

Step #5 Build A Routine

We all deserve healthy, glowing skin. Enormous changes in skin health and appearance are possible with only a little effort. Washing your face morning and night should be the foundation of a skincare routine. After you have mastered cleaning your skin, work on building the application of other products into the mix. Things like serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens.

Studies have shown that routine is very healthy. For example, a bedtime routine can help children sleep better and develop healthy sleep habits.

It’s the same with our skin. If we work to develop routines of skincare that we follow each morning and night, our skin will thank us for ever and ever.

Let’s have healthier skin, together!

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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