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Turn on your body's “operating system” – in 2 weeks!

Enciende el “sistema operativo” de tu cuerpo, ¡en 2 semanas!

Like any sophisticated machine, our body and its metabolism sometimes begin to work more slowly. Our organs are exhausted because they work overtime every time we eat poorly, do not rest properly, and lead a sedentary life.

We know that we need a change, but sometimes, even if we begin to take care of ourselves, there is still something missing to accelerate a transformation that we can really perceive.

We need an inner “shock” to help us reboot our “operating system.” And that is what we propose to you in the DALE Plan of Entalla, 15 days.


Why is the proper functioning of the body altered?


It is part of the normal aging process that all organs and tissues suffer wear and tear. They deteriorate and sometimes find it difficult to perform their functions fully, especially when they receive excess substances. For example, excess blood sugar or high blood pressure often causes the kidneys to begin to fail(1). Or, environmental toxic substances, processed products, alcohol and poor diet can affect the liver or gallbladder. In short, there are many elements that deteriorate the normal functioning of our body.


 Why should I follow a 15-day plan?


  • As we always indicate in Entalla and Santo Remedio, we believe in long-term habit change, rather than quick diets, to achieve a comprehensive health transformation. But sometimes our body stagnates and stops losing weight, even if we are following the right steps. It's like when your computer fills up with information, which, although valuable, saturates its memory. You need to clean it and do something drastic to keep it working.


  • The evidence indicates that by temporarily changing strategies, better results are obtained. If you reduce the amount of calories you consume daily and start exercising consistently, you will experience noticeable weight loss. In addition, it has been seen that some health markers can improve on a fast diet.(2,3)


  • If you add other aspects to these steps such as an improvement in the level of nutrition and correct supplementation, your body can achieve a drastic change that will propel it much further! And that is what we want to achieve.


—>The most important point is to replace high-calorie foods with others of high nutritional value and fewer calories.(4)

—>This will allow you to give the body a shock effect, which will further boost your weight loss and improve the good performance of the different organs.

—>Your diet will be based on products rich in lean proteins, such as fish, chicken and legumes, which in addition to supporting your muscle mass, will help you feel full for longer, helping you reduce carbohydrate cravings. It will also include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

—>Of course physical activity should always be considered in a plan that really works. When restricting calories, we must maintain a moderate but consistent level of activity.

 —>Thinking about changing our eating system always makes us nervous. The best way to break the ice and take action is to focus on the goal: What do you want to achieve?


BUYS Entalla KIT


The 15-day DALE plan is a perfect guide to achieve this. They are two rigorous weeks that will fly by, because you have the instructions for the foods you should eat and the precise quantities. Also consider the supplements Entalla, who support you and make the task easier.


If your doctor authorizes it, go ahead and enter the challenge of Entalla! Make the next two weeks the perfect time to test your discipline, taking care of your entire body and showing yourself what you are capable of achieving when you set your mind to it. We are with you!


Your team Santo Remedio





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