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Doctor's reminder. Leda Bowes: The characteristics of sunscreen in preventing skin cancer

Tips de la Dra. Leyda Bowes:  Características que debe tener un protector solar para evitar el cáncer de la piel

For generations, we Hispanics have believed that skin cancer is not a serious problem for our community because our skin color, generally slightly darker, serves as a shield against the influence of sunlight. But then This is a mythBecause although Caucasians are often more susceptible to this disease, all skin tones can suffer from burns, excessive pigmentation, wrinkles, and of course, cancer. In fact, according to data from the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma cancer has increased by 20% among Hispanics over the past 20 years, and a larger proportion of Hispanics diagnosed with dying from this disease have died from it compared to whites. In the case of non melanoma skin cancer, Hispanics diagnosed are becoming younger and younger(1)That's why it's important to take preventive measures.


preventive measure

  • We must consider some very important steps, such as avoiding outdoor activities during the peak solar radiation period from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


  • It is equally important to wear clothes and accessories that protect our most delicate skin, such as wide winged hats and sunglasses with UV protection, to take care of the eye area.


  • Another aspect to consider is to include appointments with dermatologists as part of our annual health check ups, just as we do this to understand our sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.


  • But there is no doubt that the first step is to make sunscreen an indispensable product in our skincare series. No matter which season we are in, we must use it every day.

Purchasing Radiation



Besides sun protection, what else should sunscreen have to truly protect our skin?


  • Without a doubt, IUV protection is crucial Avoid damage to the skin and The occurrence of certain types of cancer. The product we choose must provide comprehensive protection. According to dermatologists and Piel EternaDoctor. Leda Boss, to make the product 100% effective, you must ensure that it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two active ingredients with blocking effects. Please remember to always read the ingredients, as some chemicals used as blockers may cause cancer. On the contrary, they Most of the above ingredientsEffective Safely protect your skin.


  • Another important aspect that blockers must possess is that they provide protection against the effects of artificial and blue light emitted by technological devices such as computers and mobile phones, which can lead to pigmentation. To combat this impact, it must have iron oxide, which not only provides subtle dyes but also protects your skin from the invasion of these elements.


  • Blockers should also include anti-inflammatory drugs, such as green tea, which is also an antioxidant to help the skin recover from environmental stimuli such as sunlight or wind.


  • Another valuable aspect of blockers is that they provide antioxidants such as vitamin C, as they help combat free radical damage and counter signs of aging.


All of this and more of you in our SPF 42 solar and mineral pre base radiationNow it has two colors: ivory and honey. In order to better adapt to the natural tone of your skin, in addition to protecting it, it also makes it look radiant and radiant.


Dr. Leda Bowes is a dermatologist certified by the American Dermatology CommissionYesa. Implementationor He received training at the University of Miami and Harvard University in Boston. in additionAhDermatologyYesGeneral and SurgicalYeahRgica, tooYesCompleteor Three A'sAdditional professional yearsn in Dermatologia CosmeAnd LASERs, in California and Massachusetts. She has 20 years of experience as a dermatologist and skin care specialist. Create the liline Piel Eterna has been one of his professional projects mas important, I allowedeGiving the Hispanic community a liComplete line for skin care with m ingredientsas high quality and effectiveness clinica.





1.Maritza I. PeRez, MD, SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION. Hispanic doesn't mean can'tSkin cancer.OCTOBER 14, 2020

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