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It’s the most dangerous flu season in history. Here’s one key vitamin to rule them all.

Es la temporada de gripe más peligrosa de la historia. Pero aquí tienes una vitamina clave para poner todo en orden.

You know a vitamin is essential when companies start adding it to everyday products.

If you walk into any supermarket in the US, the vast majority of milk will have added a key micronutrient: Vitamin D.

Vitamin D doesn’t naturally occur in milk, but Vitamin D works to aid the absorption of the calcium in milk, leading to stronger bones, so it’s in every single glass.

But Vitamin D doesn’t just help with joint health. Studies have shown 3 incredibly promising benefits of using Vitamin D:

  1. It's an immune booster that can reduce your likelihood of getting the flu. 
  2. It's a heart saver that can reduce your risk of heart disease. 
  3. It's a nervous system helper that can lower your risk of Multiple Sclerosis.

Given that Vitamin D is added to fortify so many products, you might think that we wouldn’t have a problem with low Vitamin D levels. Unfortunately, think again. 

    One study showed that nearly 60% of patients admitted to hospitals had low levels of Vitamin D. Another study, performed in Boston, showed that more than half of healthy young adults(!) had Vitamin D deficiency.

    When the body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D, bad things can happen, including rickets and malformed skeletons (osteomalacia) in children. For adults, Vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle aches and lowered immune function.

    It’s that lowered immune function that worries so many doctors during flu season, which this year is also happening in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D when we are in the sun, but so many of us are staying indoors during this crazy time. Sunlight hours also naturally decrease during the winter, slowing natural Vitamin D production during flu season....right when we need it most!!! That’s a big irony, and a big problem.

    The answer is to spend as much time in healthy sunlight as you can. Always a good choice if you do it safely. Another option is to supplement with Vitamin D, which is generally well tolerated by the body, even in high doses.

    We created our Santo Remedio Vitamin D3 supplement to give you a potent, bioavailalbe way to get this key micronutrient.

    We think Vitamin D is so important that we’ve also made it a key part of our Protect your Bones and Joints Healthy Together Pack.

    Give yourself some help this flu season with the power of Vitamin D.

    Let’s get healthier, together.