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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… How Can I be the Fairest Of All?

Espejito, Espejito… ¿Cómo Luzco Más Joven?

There are very few women (and even few men, whether or not they confess to it) on this planet who do not care about concealing their marked crow's feet, spots ruining the luminosity of their skin, or smoothing out the dryness that creates furrows and paths on the face. It’s an inevitable passage of time and life that leaves a mark, although we also play a role in speeding up the deterioration of our ‘outer shell.’ Dr. Juan Rivera often turns to skin expert Dr. Leyda Bowes for advice and knowledge, especially because she recommends natural products. Below are some of her helpful suggestions to ensure you see Snow White when you look in the mirror, instead of the wicked witch!

Wrinkles and dry skin

Who doesn't like to sunbathe and tan in the summer? However, that pleasure is directly linked to wrinkles. Dr. Bowes warns us that not using appropriate sun protection can cause wrinkles on the skin. This occurs because of free radicals caused by radiation that deteriorate collagen and other skin structures, including changing its DNA. Therefore, it is best to avoid too much sun. On the other hand, you can help maintain and support the skin by consuming antioxidants, such as resveratrol, that act by neutralizing the effects of those free radicals. Foods such as berries and grapes contain resveratrol naturally. In high concentrations, this polyphenol manages to neutralize free radicals while supporting smooth skin that does not deteriorate and form wrinkles. *

The shadow cast by skin blemishes

Sun exposure increases the production of pigmentation cells. This can lead to sunspots or melasma, which are dark patches that appear on the face. To help fight them, use curcumin – the main ingredient of turmeric. This amazing antioxidant, in addition to fighting inflammation, also helps prevent hyperpigmentation. *

Consuming both turmeric and resveratrol seems to enhance skin protection, since resveratrol also inhibits the production of melanin that causes hyperpigmentation. According to experts such as Dr. Bowes, the combination is a good spot-fighting duo. *

Adult acne

Many people who felt privileged during their adolescence because they did not suffer from acne, view with horror their adult face breaking out. They are unaware as to how to handle them because most products on the market aimed at teens have no effect on their adult skin. One of the main culprits for adult acne is lack of biotin. This vitamin not only supports the structure and maintenance of hair, nails, and skin in general, but also helps with comedogenic acne that results in pimples and clogged pores. When we manage to prevent this type of acne, we also avoid the cystic and inflammatory type.

If you are also taking turmeric and resveratrol, you will receive support for acne since their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help with the skin.

If you have problems like these, consult with a specialist who can guide you regarding your diet and the individualized products that can be more effective for you. Make sure to obtain these products directly from nature, and supplement if you need to.

Our external glow always begins internally, just like everything else that is made to last.

Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio Team

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