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Caffeine: Ally to lower blood sugar

La cafeína: Aliada para bajar el azúcar en sangre

Those of us who love that cup of coffee in the morning or after lunch used to carry the doubt that we were giving our body a little guilty pleasure. That ended! We can now enjoy it with complete confidence, as there is new scientific evidence that shows that caffeine can be an ally, helping us manage blood sugar and even supporting our weight control. This news was recently published in the magazine British Medical Journal and It is based on a study carried out at Stockholm University, Sweden.(1)

The objective of the study was to investigate the possible effects that long-term caffeine concentration in plasma may have in relation to fat, type 2 diabetes and major cardiovascular diseases.

According to researchers, caffeine consumption can help reduce fat and body mass, thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Scientists suggest conducting clinical studies to delve deeper into the subject. However, in recent years this has been widely researched and the results suggest that caffeine can indeed help reduce the risk of getting sick from excess blood sugar.(2). But attention: The same does not happen with people who already have diabetes, since they must reduce their consumption, since it can affect the action of insulin.


In any case, it is important to keep in mind that enjoying a coffee to obtain the benefits does not mean running for a macchiato creamy. If your taste for coffee is linked to a cup full of sugar and creams, on the contrary, you are adding carbohydrates and fats that affect your weight and lipid level. The best option is black coffee and if you want to sweeten it, do it with a natural sweetener.


You can try the Super Slim Coffee. A coffee so delicious that you can enjoy it without sweetener. It contains 175 mg of caffeine, from coffee, green tea and cocoa. Not only does it provide you with a high dose of caffeine but it also contains 14 plant-based superfoods and 5 g of fiber, to support the metabolism in your body.




It is important that before adding caffeine or any product that can help you maintain normal sugar levels, you go to your doctor to have an A1C blood test (blood sugar in the last three months), especially if you have a family history of diabetes. It is true that the genetic load weighs, but prevention and small changes to our lifestyle can help us prevent sugar from deteriorating our health.


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