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The relationship between Dr. Juan and Memoria

La estrecha relación entre Dr. Juan y la memoria

There is nothing worse for a doctor than delivering bad news about your health to a loved one, especially if it is a parent. That happened to Dr. Juan when he faced his father’s diagnosis of dementia at the age of 60.


Dementia could be the result of an illness, a stroke, effects of age, or Alzheimer’s, among other causes. Whichever way it comes, it is one of the saddest and hardest diseases to bear for both patients and their families. It completely transforms everyone’s lives, and it is hard to see how those who suffer from it forget important moments in their life, and even common actions, such as bathing or eating. They become detached from reality, and slowly, they fade away.


That is why, since that difficult moment, Dr. Juan decided to support his father on all fronts and help reduce the risk of this disease in his family and our community. In addition to constantly sharing the latest information, he focused on developing a product with the proper ingredients backed by scientific evidence that support brain health and its functions.


This is how MEMORIA was developed from the heart of Dr. Juan and with a clear goal: to reduce the risk of dementia to help keep the mind in the best possible shape and all its active functions and memories alive until the last days of our lives.


Combating risk factors


We all fear losing our memories! According to the CDC, our community is 1.5 times more likely to suffer from some type of dementia and by 2060, cases in the Hispanic population will multiply seven times. However, there are ways to combat its chances of developing if we reduce risk factors such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and sugar, excess weight and, on the other hand, we try to speed up our brain to maintain an active memory. (1)


From our end, we work hard to support you on all aspects:


  • Helping you improve your eating habits with our Entalla plans, focused on fighting the risk factors for dementia.


  • With Red Yeast Rice to lower cholesterol. An amazing support to help keep your arteries healthy, a fundamental factor in avoiding brain deterioration.


  • With Super Nopal to reduce blood sugar. This product also contains Chromium Picolinate, which has shown to be effective in improving carbohydrate metabolism, thus helping maintain healthy sugar levels.



  • Adding MEMORIA to your routine. Its main ingredient is CognatiQ ®, a patented extract made from coffee cherry, which can prevent premature aging of neurons and strengthen their connections, thus helping preserve memory and other functions such as concentration and learning.


  • Don't forget that it is also essential to do cardiovascular exercises or at least walk daily, so that the brain receives oxygen every day. Likewise, keep the brain active with logic and memorization exercises, puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, learning new skills and relaxing the mind.


There is nothing better than keeping memories alive and being aware and ready for everything life has to offer. Let's work together to achieve it!


Your Santo Remedio team






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