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The Magnesium That Matters for Your Health

Escoge el tipo de magnesio adecuado para tu salud

Magnesium is a natural mineral that we literally can’t live without—in fact, it’s a part of more than 300 critical chemical reactions in your body.

Let’s take a closer look at a few key roles of magnesium and which form of this electrolyte you should choose.

Why does magnesium matter?

Gets you moving

Magnesium’s partnership with calcium is crucial for the function of your muscles and nerves. Calcium helps your muscles contract, and magnesium helps them relax. (1) Not only that, magnesium transports calcium to your bones, so it’s necessary to develop sufficient density. (2)

Reduces cramping

Scientific studies have confirmed that a magnesium citrate supplement helps with muscle relaxation. Researchers tested whether magnesium could help alleviate nighttime leg cramps. Participants who took a 300 mg magnesium supplement daily for 6 weeks reported having fewer nighttime leg cramps than did those who had the placebo. (3)

Balances blood

Magnesium helps regulate blood sugar, (4) and scientists have found that magnesium deficits are often associated with type 2 diabetes. (5) That’s not the only thing it does for your blood—it can lower blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol (6) and even help regulate your blood pressure. (7, 8, 9)

Metabolizes energy

Your body uses magnesium to convert fat and carbs into energy, and magnesium helps your heart keep a normal and steady rhythm. (10)

Eases migraine

It can minimize symptoms related to women’s menstrual cycles, such as bloating and migraines. (11) What’s more, research suggests that it can be part of a successful treatment for anyone who suffers from migraines. (12)

What form of magnesium should I choose?

Because only 30% of adults are getting enough magnesium in their diet, (13) It makes sense to consider a magnesium supplement.

  • Magnesium citrate is an excellent supplement choice because it is more bioavailable (more of it enters the blood) than other types of magnesium. (14)

  • Magnesium oxide is an effective ingredient in over-the-counter treatments for heartburn, indigestion, or constipation.

  • Magnesium sulfate, more commonly known as Epsom salt, is dissolved in bath water to relax sore muscles but won’t be absorbed into your body to increase your magnesium level. It can also be consumed as a laxative when one’s plumbing is clogged.

If you haven’t given much thought to magnesium before today, we hope it’s clear that magnesium matters for your health and you’re confident in selecting the magnesium that’s right for you.

Let’s get healthier, together,

Your friends at Santo Remedio


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