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Want to lose weight? Try meditation!

¿Quieres perder peso? ¡Apóyate en la meditación!

Some people think meditation requires emptying your mind of all thoughts. Others believe it’s an esoteric ritual. But meditation is so much more than that. Although it originally began as a spiritual practice, it has since become an excellent tool to help calm the mind and body. Meditation helps you function better and feel healthier, by putting your mind and body in sync.

If you have already reviewed the Entalla weight loss system, you’ve read the suggestion to meditate at least 5 to 10 minutes a day as part of the plan, in addition to daily physical activity and adequate sleep. What for? And what does meditation even have to do with weight loss? A LOT! Meditation doesn’t directly make you lose weight, but it does offer several benefits to help you along in the process.

The science

Research has confirmed that the meditative process has been used for thousands of years in the East, where practitioners trained the mind to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Today, we know this as mindfulness meditation. It has multiple physical and psychological health benefits and helps create healthy habits (1) that can positively affect weight loss.

  • A small university study conducted in the northwestern United States had 46 people maintain a daily diet of 1200 to 1550 calories for six months, exercising 300 minutes a week. 22 of the participants were also asked to complete mindfulness meditation sessions. After six months, those who incorporated meditation had better results, losing an average of 6.1 pounds. Meditation helped them make better food choices and manage their stress, while also sticking to their exercise and diet plans until achieving their goal. (2)

  • Another study conducted in Brazil evaluated the effectiveness of meditation on weight loss and waist circumference in overweight and obese women aiming to improve their physical condition. All participants underwent a standard weight loss treatment program. A group of the participating women also attended healing meditation sessions. After 8 weeks, this meditation group had a greater reduction in body weight and waist circumference. (3)

The data

Meditation alone does not instantly cause weight loss because that's not how the process works. Research has shown that when mindfulness is combined with a weight loss treatment plan that includes increased physical activity, adequate rest, and good eating habits (as suggested in Entalla), you see the real magic happen!

  • Meditation uses breathing techniques to help manage stress levels and decreases the production of hormones that cause excess weight, such as cortisol, and other endocrine processes related to obesity (1).

  • It also promotes positive changes in eating behavior (4).

  • Aside from feeling more relaxed, meditation promotes self-discipline to help you feel satiated longer and gain awareness around eating habits and portion control. (1)

  • Mindfulness motivates you to be more aware of your physical body while recognizing any emotional and mental processes that lead to uncontrollable eating, junk food binges, or giving up on your weight loss goals. Consistent meditation can help you avoid these bad habits. A review of 14 studies showed that meditation can effectively help reduce emotional eating, promoting weight loss (5). Meditation helps you become more aware of how sadness, anger, and even boredom can lead to mindless and unhealthy eating. Learn to manage those moods and choose to entertain yourself with productive activities instead.

The qualifications

You’re not required to become a yogi or climb the Himalayas to practice meditation. Here are some different techniques you can try:

  • Scan your body. While taking deep breaths, become aware of each part. Recognize its importance by imagining how it functions properly and identify the sensations you experience while visualizing that proper functioning.

  • Some practices combine meditation, movement, and breathing – like Qi Gong, which has been shown to help improve digestion, increase metabolism, and stimulate weight loss (1). You can search for online classes or a local trainer who specializes in this modality to help you.

  • There are experts who use meditation to manage weight and improve quality of life. Start easy with a simple 5-minute meditation, and gradually increase the amount of time from there. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position and just inhale and exhale consciously. Mentally repeat positive affirmations to yourself about your weight loss goal, health, food, and purpose, along with any kind phrases that come to mind. The most important thing is to set aside time every day to meditate and give this gift to yourself.


Meditation is a powerful too that promotes self-discipline and increased willpower. Incorporate mindfulness on your path to weight loss for greater success.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the Entalla plan and take that first step to a new you. Find all the tools and support products you need to achieve a radical change in your general health, body, and mental state.


Let's get healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio Team



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