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Remedies for Diabetes

Remedios para la Diabetes

5 HOME REMEDIES to Fight Diabetes

Why is treating Diabetes so hard?

There are medications for almost everything. The main problem with those that help control diabetes are the side effects from long-time use. Things like,

  • Weight gain

  • Sudden low blood sugar

  • Deteriorating bone health, especially in women

  • Cardiac risk

By far the best option for diabetes is to try to treat it naturally, or avoid it in the first place. Here are five natural remedies, backed by scientific evidence, to help you in your fight against diabetes. And you can find most of them right in your own medicine cabinet!


  • A Turkish study found that consuming 3 to 6 grams of cinnamon helped with levels of fasting blood sugar, blood sugar after eating, blood sugar hemoglobin levels, and overall body mass.

  • A U.S. study found that the compounds in cinnamon could be key in the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other related illnesses such as insulin resistance, high blood sugar and triglycerides, inflammation, and weight gain.

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    • Multiple studies have shown that the leaves of this Himalayan plant can reduce levels of excess blood sugar without side effects. This has led to more research on moringa as a way to control the glycemic index for diabetes and prediabetes.

    • A systematic search of animal studies on the metabolic effects of moringa on glucose confirms its hypoglycemic properties, both in the short and long term, as a way of avoiding the metabolic changes and complications from excess glucose.

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      • Sage has hypoglycemic properties - it can help reduce blood sugar levels. One study found that diabetics who consumed sage had reduced blood sugar levels after eating, in addition to lower cholesterol.

      • The liver plays a central role in both energy and insulin production (and effectiveness). Poor liver function can lead to the development of diabetes and later complications. Sage can help guard and purify the liver in that it helps regulate glucose stored in the liver and inhibits spikes in glucose.

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        Aloe Vera

        • Natural compounds called phytosterols, as well as the soluble fiber glucomannan (as well as other substances) give aloe antiglycemic properties. 

        • A review of scientific studies analyzed the efficacy of aloe as a treatment for untreated prediabetes and type two diabetes. It found that the plant significantly reduced fasting blood glucose as well as A1c, the average of glucose levels over the 3 previous months. It can be an effective solution for prediabetes and those in the early stages of diabetes type 2.



          • Multiple studies have studied the anti-diabetic properties of ginger. One of these, from Iran, found that ginger supplementation in type 2 diabetes patients significantly lowered fasting blood sugar as well as hemoglobin A1c, lowering the risk factors of chronic diabetes.


            You can read on our website about even more options that might be able to help you live your “sweetest” life, without spikes in blood sugar.

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