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Santo Remedio: Your One Home for Hispanic Health

Santo Remedio: El hogar de los hispanos para cuidar nuestra salud

We are Hispanics. Our differences bring us together. Our struggles and our successes. With all that we go through, we deserve quality health products made to exacting standards and delivered by trusted experts. That’s Santo Remedio.

The Santo Remedio family includes three product lines, each directed by an expert who knows our community and specific needs:

#1 Your Health

Meet our flagship line of products, Santo Remedio by Dr Juan.

Santo Remedio is high quality nutritional products matched with the expert guidance of Univision’s Chief Medical Correspondent and board certified Cardiologist, Dr. Juan Rivera.  


#2 Your Weight

Meet Entalla, Santo Remedio’s revolutionary weight loss system. 

Entalla is a line of innovative products designed to help you move better and lose weight. Combined with personalized eating plans created by leading dietician and weight-loss expert Sabrina-Hernandez-Cano. And all backed by OUR Hispanic community to support and encourage.  



#3 Your Skincare

Meet Piel Eterna, a complete skincare system for bright, beautiful Hispanic skin. 

Piel Eterna uses products from our countries combined with the latest in skincare science. It’s revolutionary skincare for what our skin truly needs, all developed by Dr. Juan and leading dermatologist Dr. Leyda Bowes

Health, weight, and beautiful skin are deeply interconnected. 


That’s why our mission at Santo Remedio is to bring together everything you need for nutrition, weight loss, and beauty. Products you can trust, backed by true experts. 

One home for Hispanic health, with three product lines to help you look gorgeous, feel incredible, and be well.

Your Health. Your Weight. Your Skin. Your Santo Remedio!

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