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The best influencer right at home

La mejor influencer para nuestros hijos, ¡está en casa!

Lyliam Vásquez: The best influencer right at home! 

They say behind every great man, there’s a great woman. The truth is that women are the heart of the home. Their behaviors, decisions, and day-to-day details impact everyone in the family. This happened to our charming and courageous Colombian participant from Mansfield, Texas. When her eldest son passed away, followed by her ex-husband, she went into a deep depression, which led to a significant weight gain. Her mind and body couldn’t continue down that path. However, something she never imagined was that her decision to transform her life with the Entállate de Costa a Costa challenge would be the way to help her daughter recover from an eating disorder. Her story is truly inspiring.


Depression + Anxiety = Weight Gain

Lyliam is a graphic and digital designer. After her marriage ended 15 years ago, she decided to move from Maryland to Texas to raise her two children. Gradually, her constant stress began to take its toll on her weight. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was when her oldest son passed away. She lost control of herself. Our nutritionist, Sabrina Hernández-Cano says, “obesity has many aspects: physically, genetically, spiritually, but the hardest one is emotional." Lyliam weighed 199 pounds. She felt tired with knee pain and swelled joints. She had low self-esteem and felt ashamed of not controlling her habits.


What really matters

The pain and grief not only affected her but also her daughter. She began to suffer from anxiety and showed signs of an eating disorder, which she dealt with ever since. For this reason, Lyliam felt guilty trying to lose weight because she thought she was sending the wrong message to her daughter, who struggled daily with food.


The key towards transformation: Trust

 Lyliam was committed to her transformation and knew where to find the right information. She began listening to Dr. Juan, reading his books and bought the Santo Remedio supplements. She immediately felt the change, and that’s why she decided to join the Entállate challenge. She knew she would get the help she needed to transform her life and improve her health. However, she was surprised that her decision had a positive impact on her daughter, and that together they would begin a transformation journey.


Getting fit and their lives on track

  • The first thing Lyliam did was shift her focus. She decided to put the pain aside and trust the process of achieving her weight loss goal as well as improving her overall health.
  • One strategy she is using to change her mindset is talking to herself in the mirror. Also, she is trying to be more compassionate and generous towards herself, and spend more time exercising, preparing meals, and relaxing.
  • Every morning she wakes up very early to walk for an hour and a half with her friend, who motivates her to complete most of the 10,000 daily steps suggested in Entalla. The rest, she completes during the day and keeps track of her movement with a digital watch.
  • Entalla's daily menus have been a lifesaver for her. They help guide her days and she prepares simple, yet nutritious recipes. She noticed a difference in her body, energy levels, and sleep quality since day one.
  • She feels that all the Entalla products have given her the support for every need. The MetaBoost helps speed up metabolism and boost energy. The protein shakes help her recover from exercise. She takes the Skinny Yummy Gummy with a glass of water to kill cravings in between meals. The Will Pow(d)er, with its blend of magnesium and herbs like passionflower, helps her relax her body and mind as well as overcome one of her biggest obstacles: having quality sleep. And, of course, the Super Slim Café, which has that special Colombian flavor, enhanced with thermogenic and superfoods, helps support her goal.


Leading by example 

Lyliam has shown to be a natural motivator and role model for those around her. Her daily commitment to healthy recipes has turned her into a wonderful chef and an Entalla influencer as she posts photos of all her meals on social media. This helps her stay focused and mindful of her nutrition, which can be as delicious as it is easy!

Best of all, her enthusiasm and commitment have rubbed off on her daughter. Although Lyliam's goal is weight loss related, the Entállate challenge has been so much more for her. By changing habits and preparing recipes, she is helping her daughter to connect differently with food. Now, she has a healthy, simple, and fun approach to food, which has helped treat her eating disorder. 

Lyliam continues to honor the memory of her son, who trusted her amazing ability to move forward. And now, together with her daughter, form the best team to stay motivated together and be part of the Entalla revolution for healthier lives.


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Check out Lyliam's story here.

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