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Be the best dad you can be!

Sé un papá líder

What is it like to be a dad? Probably those who are fathers ask themselves that often. A father is no longer the one who only provides income, a roof, and food to a household. Now mothers also play a role in providing for the family. So, defining the role of a dad can be a bit more complicated and extensive.

We all can agree that a father should discipline with love, respect, empathy, and positive parenting. Also, teach basic values ​​to help us grow as mentally and emotionally healthy individuals, as united families, and as an active community, in which each member matters. And that vision is created or destroyed by parents because they are responsible for laying a good foundation for their children.

For us, a father is always a LEADER, and that word implies a great deal of responsibility. A good leader is never imposed by simple authority and much less by violence, but rather by the respect that is earned every day. Another important fact: a father leads by example.

At Santo Remedio, Entalla, and Piel Eterna, we strive daily to support Hispanic families, and, for this reason, we begin with their foundation: fathers and mothers who are the fundamental pillars. Their example of dedication, hard work, respect, education, perseverance, and care for themselves help shape and guide the present to have a better future.

To raise healthy, active, successful, and happy children, a parent should be a role model and set an example by following a healthy, renewed, and consistent lifestyle. If today, as a father, you don’t want your children to suffer from obesity, heart problems, or addictions, you need to show them the right way, so that they see you in charge and control of your physical and mental health, your personal care, and the decisions you make. It's never too late to change course!

If you are a son or a wife who wants to see that role model reflected in the father of the house, it is the perfect moment to encourage him to take the step in the right direction! You have all our support and help to motivate him to control his weight, reduce stress, reduce his risk factors, and improve every aspect of his life.

We understand the immense load every Hispanic father carries daily. We know the sacrifices that most dads had to make to have a place in this country. We value their efforts and encourage them not to give up until they achieve all their dreams because they earned them.

We believe that the best way to celebrate dad on his day is to remind him of the great responsibility and, at the same time, the huge privilege he has of leading the lives of those who see him as a role model. We hope that each Hispanic father demonstrates the same support, security, and confidence he has in his body, health, and habits for his family. A good family depends on the guidance of its leader.

Happy Father's Day!

Your Santo Remedio team

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