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A revolutionary sunscreen and other tips so the sun won't damage your skin

Un protector solar revolucionario y otros tips para que el sol no dañe tu piel

Now that the sun shines in all its splendor and we want to enjoy it, there are details that we must consider to take advantage of its benefits, without putting our skin at risk.

We know that the rays of the king star are necessary for the synthesis of calcium in our bones, for the formation of white blood cells and with this, the increase of our defenses; also to produce hormones like melatonin that helps us to regulate the cycle of wakefulness and sleep, as well as serotonin to maintain our mood in balance, these, among a long list of benefits (1). But don't you get confused with this of taking or avoiding the sun?

From now on we can say that, like most things, the key is in the right measure and in the way it is done (2). That is why we will review the main tips recommended by the dermatologist PIEL ETERNA, Dr. Leyda Bowes, to enjoy all the benefits of the sun, without increasing the spots, wrinkles and even, the possibility of skin cancer.


Don't trust the weather or the place

Do you think the sun can affect your skin just on the beach? No, no. One of the problems of ultraviolet radiation, which is the cause of skin deterioration, is that we do not see it or feel it. But a simple way to measure your degree of danger is by making it clear that the higher or the higher the sun is, the higher the radiation. In other words, the hours before and after noon are the ones we must avoid. This doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, whether we're on the mountain or at sea. Ultraviolet or UV radiation can be even higher in mountain areas, with snow, with water and of course, with clear sand, since these elements reflect the light and with that, we increase our exposure. (3)


Enjoy the sun, but with protection

Part of the essential part of skin care is sun protection. After cleaning, treating and moisturizing the skin each morning with quality products such as those of PIEL ETERNA (especially ZELMA, to remove stains by pigmentation), you should apply a good protector to prevent damage and deterioration of the skin from the effect of UV rays and delay the aging of the cutis. Not only burns are an effect of the sun in excess, but also wrinkles, stains and moles that can become cancerous. So if you're going to do outdoor activities in the afternoon, you should put sunscreen back on your skin.

For that PIEL ETERNA created RADIANCE Solar and Mineral Prebase with SPF 42, a product that goes beyond the common sunscreens, because it provides maximum physical protection, without chemicals that can cause harmful effects on your body or the environment. In addition, it improves the skin, because it contains powerful antioxidants like green tea, makes it look radiant, as it has a dye that covers imperfections and if it were little, it helps with the next point on this list: artificial light. A full package in skin protection!


RADIANCE Solar and Mineral Prebase with SPF 42

Eye with artificial light

A good sunscreen should not only take care of the harmful effects of the sun, but also those that produce the computer screens and telephones. Although it is a matter that is very little treated, the blue light emitted by these devices can become as damaging as the excess sun. In fact, it is a silent enemy, because today we spend more time exposed to this artificial light than the sun and we are more unprotected. To avoid its harmful effects, our RADIANCE protector contains a dye made with ferrous oxide, which in addition to protecting from artificial light, provides a prebase effect, with a silky and non-greasy texture on the skin, perfect for use only or under makeup.


Protect your arms and other areas of your body

Taking care of our faces from sunlight is crucial, but we should not forget other exposed areas, usually for a long period of time. For example, the neck and collar also require sun protection. The same applies to arms and hands, especially for those who work outdoors or have to drive for extended periods of time. There is evidence to suggest that those who drive all day, such as truck drivers or delivery workers, have higher levels of skin aging, pigmentation, and relaxation, especially on the side of the body that is most exposed to sunlight. Therefore, in addition to applying good sunscreen to these areas, it is also recommended to use clothing made of fabric with UV protection and gloves.


Protect your eyes

The area around the eyes has an extremely delicate layer of skin. Therefore, if we do not provide appropriate care, it will quickly deteriorate. In addition to spoiling it with a cream that can enhance and revitalize the eyes, it is also necessary to prevent it from being exposed to radiation. Before going out for a walk, exercise, or enjoying the day outdoors, don't forget to wear a hat and glasses. This not only makes you look good, but also provides UV protection. We also recommend that you use good products such as Revitalizing Eye Cream PIEL ETERNAContains ingredients such as caffeine and Camu Camu, including in Santo Complex, seaweed, and hexapeptide-8, which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, deeply moisturize and soften expression lines.

Considering these tips, enjoy the sunshine to the fullest without endangering the care of your precious skin.

Let's become healthier together.

Your team Santo Remedio.




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