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3 Supplements to have amazing hair

3 Buenas razones para aumentar tu consumo de fibra

Losing your hair is something that causes stress and can significantly affect self-esteem. If you are losing more hair than usual, it is time to take action and prevent this from getting worse. According to research, nutritional factors directly affect hair; therefore, taking supplements can help restore your hair’s abundance and health (1). Here are some vitamins to incorporate into your daily beauty routine to have healthy, luscious hair.



According to research, biotin is an alternative supplement used to manage and treat pathological hair conditions. One study found biotin deficiency in 38% of women who complained of hair loss. On the other hand, those who took an oral biotin supplement experienced less hair loss (2). Biotin improves overall health, helps the quality of hair and skin, and performs important tasks at the nervous, digestive, and metabolic levels, among others.


Omega 3

Other research revealed that taking Omega 3 for six months acts effectively against hair loss, improving its density. Omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy hair and significantly reduce hair loss in women. It also helps lubricate the hair follicles and thus provides elasticity and shine to the hair (3). Some food sources of Omega-3 include nuts, shellfish, flaxseed, eggs, fish, and avocado. You can also take a supplement to ensure your daily intake.



Zinc deficiency can also be related to alopecia or hair loss. This is a metal that is found in the earth's crust and is essential for human health. About 60% of zinc is present in the muscles, 30% in the bones, and the remaining 10% in the skin, hair, pancreas, kidneys, and plasma. Your hair loss may be due to low levels of this mineral (4). Take a daily zinc supplement and let us know if you notice a difference in your hair.


The sooner you take the right supplements, the quicker your hair will thank you. Take care of it and treat it with love. Pamper it so you can see the changes you want.


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team.





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