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3 easy solutions for joint pain

3 Soluciones Sencillas para el Dolor de las Articulaciones
You start every morning ready to take on the day, only to discover that your bones and joints made other plans. From back pain to aching knees and wrists, joint pain can ruin your plans—but only if you let it.

While alleviating painful symptoms is one part of musculoskeletal health, optimal health includes both repairing and preventing joint damage. It’s never too late to keep moving, and we’ve got a plan for stronger joints, improved mobility, and no longer changing your plans due to unnecessary aches and pains.

Glucosamine for better mobility

Glucosamine is naturally found in our bone cartilage, acting as a cushion that helps protect joints and prevent damage from daily wear and tear. And while our bodies come equipped with everything it needs to keep us moving, the aging process can reduce our ability to replenish compounds like glucosamine.

If you’re experiencing intermittent joint pain, especially while exercising or walking, it may be a result of reduced cartilage between certain bones and ligaments. Fortunately, adding a glucosamine supplement to a healthy diet and active lifestyle can help restore cartilage protection to vulnerable joints, especially in the knees.


Collagen to turn back time

Collagen is another compound in the body that diminishes over time. This protein keeps nearly every part of the body healthy and strong, which is why it is so important to consider a supplement if your body does not produce enough on its own.

Signs a supplement might be right for you?

Low collagen production can result in brittle bones, teeth, and hair, as well as reduced skin elasticity. Fortunately, a supplement can reverse these outcomes for both improved health and appearance. We may not be able to truly turn back time, but we can look and feel like we did.

Vitamin D3 for a bright future

Yes, you can get Vitamin D3 from exposure to sunlight, as well as from some of your favorite protein-rich foods like eggs and salmon. But while a day spent in the sunshine might feel great, most people still don’t get enough Vitamin D3 from diet or lifestyle alone. A once-a-day supplement can ensure you’re getting enough of the vitamin responsible for a stronger immune system, as well as healthier bones and teeth.

Finding the right combination of vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it simple. Our Protect Your Bones and Joints Healthy Together Pack includes glucosamine, collagen, and Vitamin D3 supplements, so you can rest assured that aching joints won’t get in the way of a great day.

Here’s to happy mornings and feeling like your old (younger) self,

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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