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4 Ways to improve your health with bone broth

4 Formas de mejorar tu salud con caldo de huesos

What memories does the broth bring back to you? Surely you evoke those warm days in your grandmother's kitchen or the taste of your mother's "cure-all" soup, especially for difficult times. Whatever memory you have, that broth gave new strength to your body and was the best medicine to overcome everything from the flu to a heart broken by love. Well, we want to tell you that your grandmother and your mother were right, because “broth therapy” can work wonders, especially if it is made of bones.


In places like Mongolia it is used to support immunity and to improve digestion(1). But there are many reasons why a recipe as simple as it is ancestral has become fashionable today. That's why we want to share with you 5 ways this tasty drink gives your health a boost.


• Highly nutritious

The first thing you should know is that this broth is obtained by cooking bones, connective tissue, marrow and nerves of animals for at least 12 hours. Apple cider vinegar is usually added so that its acidity helps obtain the greatest amount of nutrients, such as collagen and gelatin, which provides the body with essential amino acids. It also contains vitamins such as A and K, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, among others. All of these nutrients are essential to help keep the skin and our bone structure healthy and strong.(1)




• Helps maintain joints and reduces pain

Our joints are a key part of our bone structure and our mobility. Natural wear and tear from use and the passage of time, as well as deterioration due to injuries, infections and degenerative diseases such as arthritis, can seriously damage them, complicating our quality of life. Various studies have shown that an effective way to help counteract this deterioration is by consuming gelatin, since it helps increase the amount of collagen in the tissues. Bone broth can provide that constant dose of gelatin quickly and easily.(1)


• Supports intestinal health

Its consumption can reduce gastrointestinal problems such as ulcerative colitis, among others. It has been observed that people with gastrointestinal problems usually have a lower concentration of collagen in their blood. As we have mentioned, bone broth provides it, helping to reduce these problems. It also provides other amino acids such as glutamine, which also improves food digestion, reduces gastrointestinal inflammation and helps heal the lining of the intestines.(2, 3)


• Helps control appetite

Due to its high nutritional content, bone broth is an excellent contribution to our daily diet. Even more so, when we want to lose weight, since by providing collagen, it is providing us with protein, which, in addition to its therapeutic benefits, helps us feel full for longer, therefore, we tend to eat less and drink less. healthier decisions about our diet.


Due to these and other benefits, Entalla added Super Bone Broth to its list of products to support better nutrition. We have made it following a typical and tasty recipe in the style of our grandmothers. In addition to being low in sodium, we have added nopal and a mixture of vegetables, so that it really is a contribution to your daily nutrition, ideal to support Intermittent Fasting or to enjoy between meals at work or wherever you go. (1)


Try it and tell us on our social networks how you feel after consuming it! We will be happy to know that your digestion, your joints, your skin and your weight will be in better condition!


Your team Santo Remedio




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