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5 tips to help avoid inflammation during the holiday feasts

5 consejos para evitar la inflamación durante las fiestas

The holidays are approaching and with that comes end of year celebrations. It’s a time to create memorable moments outside of the normal day to day routine, but it’s also a dangerous time for body weight, finances, and health. In addition to overeating and overspending, we tend to neglect healthy habits. Life is absolutely about joy, sharing, and having a good time, but we must remain conscious of our health. With so many celebrations, it’s easy to eat more than we should until our body is riddled with excess inflammation. The best way to enjoy a holiday season with no regrets is to be prepared. These simple tips below will help you celebrate the holidays healthier.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation is the immune system's first biological response to infection, injury, or irritation. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes contain high levels of phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory effects (1). At your next celebration, make the effort to plate foods that will provide you with nutrients instead of reaching for temptation first.

Manage stress

    The holiday season can generate stress amidst all the happy celebrations. Overspending, late nights, binge eating, and even family gatherings can affect your routine and mood. There are some situations that are out of our control, but we can make the decision to better manage our response to stress as it can cause inflammation (2). Long, hectic days deserve a good night's rest. To achieve this, you can try our sleep and stress management bundle, containing ashwagandha and passionflower tea, which will help you feel relaxed and sleep like an angel.

    Eat foods rich in Omega-3

    Clinical studies show that a balanced diet of whole grains, high fiber, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can protect against inflammation. Some sources rich in Omega-3 include salmon, tuna, tofu, flaxseed, and soybeans, which you can incorporate into your diet with quick, delicious recipes. (3)

    Go for a walk

    It's an easy way to stay active. Take your pet for a walk or encourage yourself to stroll outside 20 minutes in the morning and again in the evening. Regular exercise not only prevents inflammation but also benefits your overall health. If walking isn't your thing, try dancing. According to research, regular exercise protects from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and inflammation. (4)

    Add turmeric to your life

    Turmeric has gained popularity recently for reducing the inflammatory response within the body. Research reveals strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties when used for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (5). Say goodbye to inflammation for good with the Santo Remedio bundle that includes turmeric, quercetin, and resveratrol to further supply good anti-inflammatory support.

    Staying healthy is a choice we make every day, even during the holidays. When we say no to bad choices that affect our bodies, we are saying yes to a healthier and inflammation-free life.


    Let's be healthier together.

    Your friends, Santo Remedio



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