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Thank you for trusting and growing with us!

¡Gracias! Por avanzar y crecer junto a nosotros

Around this time of year, I feel more connected to what's truly important. It’s a time to be physically close to our loved ones, hugging and spoiling them, to express how much you care for them in every possible way. It fills us with joy to make sure they have everything they need and want to be happy, and it’s a common feeling we share in the holidays to lift everyone up with beautiful, positive, and motivating emotions.

I would even wager that, like us, you are also a fan of this time of the year, when the outside cold forces us to warm our insides. Our hearts become more supportive, empathetic and, above all, grateful. Although sometimes it may be hard for us to see, there is so very much to be grateful for! No matter how terrible things seem around us or are happening to us, we must not forget that we are pandemic survivors. Amid all its consequences, we continue fighting to improve every aspect of our lives. That is an immense achievement, and a powerful blessing!

It has been a year of hard work for us here at Santo Remedio, always keeping you at the forefront of our minds. We began this journey 16 months ago, with the thought of supporting preventative health needs in our community. As we have progressed, we have been listening to your comments, messages, and questions – helping us continue to grow. Every day, we marvel at how this vision of uniting home remedies with a successful, ancestral past and the most cutting-edge research, focusing on the health problems that most affect Hispanics. It’s a much greater need than we imagined.

Which is why we haven't stopped. Every time we hear a concern, you can be sure that we are taking it into consideration. You and your family matter to us, a lot! It makes the team and I immensely happy to read success stories that you share when your life or the life of a loved one has improved after following our advice and joining the Santo Remedio family.

Thanks to these concerns, Entalla was born this year to focus precisely on excess weight and its triggers. Not only physical habits, but emotional and behavioral ones as well. We knew this system was necessary, but we never could have imagined how much so. The incredible response we received from you, our community, has been amazing! Every day we are seeing hundreds of individuals join, their entire families, and groups of friends that dream of a radical change to save or improve their health, self-esteem, and life. We are so impressed to hear your stories knowing that our Entalla plan promotes healthy eating, habit change, and supplemental support – the three steps leading to the doorway of a true transformation and a better quality of life.

We are so proud to see the community continue to grow with people who take their health seriously! Your commitment to yourself encourages and motivates us to go harder, just like you do every day. And you can be sure that amazing things are coming to help you live a better life with more confidence and in greater control of your well-being.

The love, respect, and encouragement are mutual. We know that this Thanksgiving will not be the same as previous ones. You now have the tools in your hands to handle everything from cravings to stress to discouragement... Allow nothing to take the smile off your face when you look in the mirror. You are fighting hard to be proud of the person you see in the reflection!

We thank you for your commitment and for being an ally in this adventure to make Hispanics healthier, more prosperous, happier, and fitter every day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Juan Rivera

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