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5 Habits that we should change after 40

5 Hábitos que deberíamos cambiar después de los 40

Reaching 40 years old is, without a doubt, a cause for celebration. It is a moment where we have consolidated many of our dreams and goals, we have more experience and wisdom. It is also a stage in which we begin to notice some changes in our body, which are part of the natural process of life. In general, we tend to relax a little and fall into a sedentary lifestyle. The arrival of forties is a good time to make new decisions and make those changes that will help us have a better quality of life, be healthier and happier in the stage of maturity.


1. Eat mtos fruits and vegetables

Have you noticed that you have a hard time digesting fats? It is normal, because after 40 our metabolism may present some changes and fat may accumulate, especially in the waist area. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be your allies to combat those extra pounds, since they will provide you with fiber and help you feel full for longer, while you control your intestinal health

If you want extra help, you can complement it with exercise and a supplement of MetaBoost that will help youto to burn mtos heatYoace. At the same time, eliminate your favorite cookies, pastries and increase healthy food daily.ton a contribution to your health,  very valuable for this stage.


2. Add key supplements

One of the important steps to take htobits mtos healthy is to consume supplements that help you improve your health. For example, women are mtos susceptible than men to having d bonesandbiles, due to the hormonal changes associated with menstruation and pregnancy, which is why their intake of Calcium must be older.(1)

It is normal that over time the levels of some nutrients decrease, which is why we must give you a handto our body and provide those it needs. As the case of the Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that helps to have a healthy cardiovascular system.

An essential vitamin is B12, since its role is very important in the process of maintaining and transforming food into energy.Yoa, aceYo how to support the good health of your candlulas.


3. ¡Get active!

¿AuDon't you decide to start exercising? Don't worry, it's always a good time to do it. With 30 minutes a day beto enough to keep you active and toned. Quizto At the beginning your body may react to the effort and become moretos tense, but a supplement Magnesium can help you relax yourormuscles and keep exercisingtondo you every dayYoto. between metoIf you move now, the less pain you will havetos in the future. 

Exercising should be a celebration of our body and to integrate it into our routine, just go dancing or take a bike ride to improve our quality of life. In this way you cantos combat overweight and possible circulatory problems that increase over time. (2)

An extra tip we can give you is to change your regular morning coffee for a delicious Super Slim Coffee to speed up metabolism and increase heat burningYoace. LittleSmall details like this can make a big difference. 


4. Improve your skin care

If we want to avoid premature aging, we must take proper care of our skin. It's time to adapt your beauty routine and integrate quality products that are suitable for the skin and that promote cell renewal such as A.C.E. Intensive Regenerating Oil with Retinol, with a rejuvenating effect, which will help youto to show your skintos smooth and firm.

We must also pay special attention to UV rays, which cause much of the damage to the skin. RADIANCE Solar and Mineral Primer with SPF 42 It will help protect you from the sun's rays and damage caused by the screens of electronic devices, which are responsible for pigmentation. And all this, while leaving a subtle coverage of color that adapts to your skin tone.


5. Get enough rest

Sleeping soundly isto associated with the prevention of chronic diseases and a better quality of life(3). According to research, the ideal time to reach 40 years of age is 7 hours (4) to get a good rest.

It is very important to make restful sleep a priority. Do you feel like you sleep, but you don't rest? Exercise and a mattressn cComfort in a noise-free room is the basis for relaxing. If despite this you find it a little difficult to fall asleep, you can try Ashwagandha, to help you relax, along with the Sleep formula which, thanks to its natural ingredients, beton great support to rest like a babyand.

The 40sYo It's the new 30! They are the beginning of a stage mtos healthy, mtos stable and with the life experience to continue with a positive attitude. Beauty and health start from within. Keep in mind that it is never too late to improve. 

Your team, 

Santo Remedio






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