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5 areas where you should apply sunscreen but you don't know

5 lugares donde deberías aplicar el protector solar y no lo sabías


When it comes to protecting oneself from sunlight, it is important to do so in the correct way to avoid the consequences of ultraviolet radiation over time. Although we know that the face is the main area where we must apply protective agents, there are also other areas that we overlook, and it is also important to do so in these areas. Here, we will tell you what they are so that you can take care of them from today on.


Los AngelesEars

It is easy to overlook this part, as we usually do not apply sunscreen, although research has shown that melanoma in the outer ear is rare(1)This is the key, except for wearing a hat It covers them, Les Apply blocking agents. Hat Sports may not cover this area well, like this He chose one Fully cover your wide brimmed hat If you want to spend time in the sun.



Another very subtle area where we rarely pay attention to ultraviolet radiation is our lips. According to research, ultraviolet radiation accounts for 93% of skin cancer, with about half of it occurring on the lips (2)That's it This is the best way to smileIt has good protection in the sunlight. There are currently lipstick containing sunscreen.


PAS CompanyRpados

These people are very sensitive and suffer the consequences of our forgettingTherefore, And the impact of exposureSolar energy. Although you are wearing sunglasses, this is one of the thinnest and most delicate parts of your body, and the contours of your eyes are also the same. That's why you not only need to protect her with an excellent block, but also with a Eye contour creamIt has a calming and revitalizing effect.


Neckline and Neckline

The neck reveals the influence of the sun and the level of care we take for this part, which may be very attractive. It is never too late to start using protective agents that help prevent premature aging. If you want to be more careful with your neck and collar, he saidUsage rate Moisturizing and Firming Cream Let him uphold justice for your beauty.


both hands

You may apply hand cream every day after washing your hands Dishes or completing some work From the house. However, when we don't take care of them, our hands reflect the passage of time and the impact of sunlight. With them, we apply sunscreen to our skin, but when it comes to covering them, we forget about them to avoid changes Skin caused by the sun (3)Please remember to do the same the next time you apply the interceptorgrace In your hands.


To cover all these aspects, we have created sunscreen SPF 42 Mineral Prebase RadiationHe's HI echo with ingredients that will not have a negative impact on your body or environment.

  • Preventing and combating the invasion of solar ultraviolet rays
  • In addition, EThe impact of artificial lighting on mobile phones and computer screens.
  • It's Rwaterproof.
  • provide forAntioxidant POIO Improve skin tone.
  • Having a texture of Mousse, very suitable for CUBR Companygo Defects and deficienciesR One complete SedosOr on the skin.    


It's easy to take care of your skin, and we help you achieve this goal through advice and the best products PIEL ETERNA.


Your team Santo Remedio.




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