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5 beauty products they can also use

5 Productos de belleza que ellos también pueden usar

¿Skincar man Absolutely: Yes. Regardless of gender or age, it is always important to take care of our skin. This translates into youth and beauty. Like women, men also need to invest in skin care. A study found that nearly half of skincare products are for men to consume(1). Men's skin Slightly different from women; Up to 25%S thick and with maximum production capacityS fat(2). That's why they have to choose specific productsA novel that helps them improve their skin tone, appearance, and health. We can help you.


1. Deep cleaning

Some people believe that because They don't wear makeup and should not wipe their faces before going to bed. However, Tone dayLong term work In outdoor or enclosed environments, It is normal for impurities to accumulate on the skin. Therefore, using Purification cleaner Help Remove CYesDead cells and nourish the skin. It must always be applied Clean hands and smooth movements.


2. Moisturizing skin

Gentlemen, tooYesThey have wrinkles. Although this did not deprive many of them of sleep, there was nothingMore sexy than a man's skin that moisturizes and cares for. applicationOne Moisturizing face cream go Help them Reduce the appearance of LISExpressing consistency. After that, only a small amount is neededYesWash and dry your faceDue to its vitamin E content, maintaining facial hydration will help They have Strong and youthful skin.(3)


3. APay attention to details

The skin around the eyes is moreS is more delicate than other parts of the face in both males and females. Nervous work and late nights They can make them look Fatigued Or they appear The legs of a rooster. They can also use Los Angeles Vitality Eye Cream from PIEL ETERNAThanks toContaining hyaluronic acid will help them Has a fresh and tempting appearance. A We all like that expression! (4)


4. Go Go a little further forward

If we women forget to take care of our childrenNeck area, especially for maless. This is one of the most important regionsExposed to adverse weather conditions They may expose poor care, just like the passage of time. El Neck and Neck Repair Cream Can help them Get a firm effect and look happier. They can use it afterYesS face cream MomThe maximum support in the region.


5. El ColumbusReno, tooYesN is for them

ColumbusGenes are the largest proteinsThe body and this Depends on the formation of tissues that provide elasticity to the skin (5)That's why it's important to use collagen protein, Supporting Health The skin always looks radiant and rejuvenated. 

Skin care is no longer like thisWomen's affairs; Today's man They broke this stereotype, cared about their own health, and always felt attractive. With these suggestions and records, you canAchieve lasting results Make the men in your life look more likeFresh and masculine.

Your team,

Santo Remedio





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