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5 Tips to avoid gaining weight on Thanksgiving

5 Tips para no aumentar de peso en Thanksgiving

The favorite season of many has arrived, Thanksgiving Day. A day of family, friends, reflection and… lots and lots of food! It usually happens that our discipline and our best intentions go straight to the trash can among the turkey, the mash, the sauces and all the delicious dishes that are at this party, which, by the way, is the prelude to all the festivities that come to close the year. anus. Therefore, if you still want to maintain your weight and your health, so as not to reach December with a body out of control, here are some suggestions. This way you can enjoy the party without losing your line or getting sick.

1. The day beginswith protectioninine and fiber

You already know that your lunch or dinner will be fabulous. Therefore, start your day healthy by preparing your body. Don't overwhelm him during the first few hours. How about you start with a cup of Super Slim Coffeeand? That way, in addition to waking up with the usual caffeine, adding a combination of nutrients, you will get fiber to feel full. You can also accompany it with a smoothie chocolate protein or of vanilla. This way you will start with good nutrition but without excesses that add unnecessary calories. If you are one of those who like to have a more traditional breakfast, accompany your coffee with a scrambled egg and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach. Don't add bread.

2. More fiber, less room for temptationn

Put the band-aid before the wound. Add another dose of fiber before you start enjoying your celebration. Half an hour before sitting down at the table, eat 2 gummies Skinny Yummy Gummy with a large glass of water. This will help with the feeling of satiety, helping you to be more selective when eating and drinking, also preventing carbohydrates from being absorbed too quickly. You can also use Super Nopal, which in addition to fiber, among other ingredients, contains Chromium Picolinate, which helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, helping to maintain blood sugar levels.

3. Choose healthier snacks

If you are going to provide a dish for the celebration, prepare your snacks or appetizers with fresh, baked or air fried ingredients. For example, you can do chips of vegetables or healthy cubes. Look for ideas in the Daily Menu Entalla, where delicious recipes appear that you can prepare for any day or for an occasion like this. This way you will be avoiding a load of empty calories, saturated fats and sodium, which come with prepared products. Remember that blood pressure and inflammation increase, two factors that take many people straight from the party to the hospital every year.

4. To the rhythm of your sauce

You don't need to stay without enjoying your chips or tortillas spread in a delicious sauce. Make yours! You can prepare, for example, a delicious Greek yogurt dressing with cilantro, which can become everyone's favorite. Or, a guacamole with chives and basil. And how about a hummus with paprika and pine nuts? Try giving them a different twist by using spices like turmeric and pepper, herbs like oregano, and fats like chopped olives. You'll be impressed by how many calories you can save your body by avoiding processed sauces.

5. Look, think, choose

Of all that wonderful table that you will have in front of you, loaded with options, there will surely be some healthier than others. If you like turkey, enjoy it and accompany it with more salads and fewer carbohydrates. If you don't eat meat, choose dishes made with mushrooms or eggplant, for example. Serve small portions. Remember that it is not a food quantity competition. And if you want to try everything, assemble your plate as if it were a tasting, where there are “samples” of each product. Chew each bite well and enjoy it without rushing.
Surviving a family celebration can be difficult when we are trying to be healthy and there are so many temptations ahead. But we can use products like the ones we have in Entalla, which are designed precisely so that we can face these challenges. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and all the holidays that are to come, without forgetting that its meaning goes beyond food and remembering that what you do today, your body will manifest tomorrow. Every decision, no matter how small, counts.
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