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Keto shake to help curb your cravings

Batido keto, ideal para el control de tus caprichos

A recent, widely analyzed weight loss approach that has been trending is the ketogenic diet, better known as Keto. Numerous studies have shown this nutritional approach has a sound physiological and biochemical foundation, able to effectively induce weight loss and improvement in several cardiovascular risk parameters (1). Enjoy the benefits of this diet with something tasty and healthy, like a keto shake that promotes weight loss, provides tons of benefits, and helps you feel full for longer. Below is an easy, delicious recipe you can prepare right at home to start or end your day with a bang.


  • 1 cup spinach

  • 1 small avocado

  • 1 cup almond milk (or coconut)

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (or chocolate)

  • 1 tablespoon of Will Pow(d)er

  • 1 collagen tablet

  • 1 packet of stevia (optional)


Add the spinach, avocado, milk, protein powder, Will Pow(d)er, collagen, and stevia to a blender. Add a few ice cubes, if you’d like, before blending the ingredients together. You can also add ice later when serving the smoothie.

*It is important to remember that this shake is a suggestion for people following a keto lifestyle, who want to try eating healthier, or have already reached their ideal weight and wish to maintain it. This shake contains 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of healthy fats, and the recommended daily number of vegetables according to the Entalla program.


  • According to studies, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps protect you from chronic diseases, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Vegetables like spinach contain important nutrients that promote good health. (2)

  • Avocados are a gift from nature. Aside from being delicious and versatile, avocado has wonderful and beneficial health properties as well. Eight preliminary clinical studies show that consuming avocado helps to maintain cardiovascular health, can support weight control, and promotes healthy aging. (3)

  • Analysis of protein powder consumption in athletes shows that it can offer antioxidant effects and increase muscle mass (4). In addition, it increases the feeling of fullness, preventing you from overeating.

  • Among the ingredients included in Will Pow(d)er is Ashwagandha. Stress, mental tension, and emotional anguish can all present adverse clinical effects. Stress-fighting herbs are a holistic alternative to supporting weight loss. Analysis further shows that Ashwagandha is a safe and effective herb to relieve tension and improve quality of life. (5)

  • Anxiety is a common mental health problem in the United States and can lead to overeating, especially unhealthy foods. Another herbal medicine to help address this condition is passionflower, which can relieve anxiety (6), support weight loss, and is found in Will Pow(d)er.

  • Will Pow(d)er also contains essential electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, that help ensure proper muscle and nerve functioning, as well as support hydration.

  • As we age, changes in the metabolic process result in visible signs of aging in the skin and internal tissues of the body. Several studies suggest that oral administration of collagen improves skin health and strengthens connective tissues. (7)

If you love smoothies, this Keto shake is a healthy, ideal option for any day full of activities. Don’t forget it helps support you on your weight loss plan as well.

Let's get healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio Team


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