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Celebrate Dad by Supporting His Health and Well-Being!

Celebra a Papá… ¡Apoyando Su Salud y Bienestar!

Today, more than ever, we understand and cherish the presence of our loved ones, especially our parents. To have them by our side is a true blessing. To show that appreciation, the greatest demonstration of love we can give our parents is to look after their well-being. For that reason, so many of us this year are leaving behind the usual gifts of dress ties (who still wears them?), socks, and tools for Dad (or the father of your children). We are opting instead to concentrate on his personal preferences, creating special moments for him, and anything that promotes his health. Here are some ideas to help show the dad in your life how valuable he is to you.

Promote energy

It's hard to change people's habits and traditions, especially when they are older, but for at least this Father's Day, try to show him that he can still do so much to feel good, beginning with the motivation to be more active. Invite him for a short morning walk in a nearby park for an excellent opportunity to connect, reminisce, and relive important moments to both of you. Not to mention a good chat in fresh air, which can even be the start of a new tradition for you two that will help keep both of you more active.

  • If your father is the type of person who won't set foot outside the house without a bite to eat, avoid starting the day with unhealthy, fried items like cakes and croquettes. Instead, prepare him a delicious and nutritious breakfast of eggs, avocados, or a delicious banana and protein shake. (1 , 2)

  • If your father regularly complains about lack of energy, consult his doctor about adding a ginseng supplement to his regular healthcare routine to help improve vitality. This small change can be the first step toward Dad finally feeling up to playing sports or, at the very least, doing more physical activities with the children. (3)

Protect his scalp

Just like women take care of their personal appearance, men also need to take care of the aspects that give him security and self-confidence. Among those, hair is perhaps the most important as few things can cause more fear than losing it! Let him know how important it is to add foods such as carrots, spinach, and kale to his diet, since they contain beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A, helping preserve hair (4). These foods also contain biotin which helps promote healthy hair. If he is already starting to show signs of hair loss, adding a biotin supplement could help. (5)

A little help in the bedroom

A major concern of any man, yet one few dare talk about, is the vitality required in the bedroom at any age! No one wants to fall short in these moments, so how about surprising the ‘daddy’ of your heart with a special shake that will help him truly celebrate his special day? This shake contains maca, a root that can support sexual health (6). Ingredients and instructions are as follows:

  • 1 cup almond or coconut milk

  • 1 cup of fresh or frozen raspberries

  • 1 serving of chocolate protein powder

  • 2 fresh mint leaves

  • The contents of 1 or 2 maca capsules

  • Ice to taste

Place all the ingredients in the blender until creamy!

Make this Father's Day a special one for you or your children, creating genuine love and concern reflected in the care and details that will help the father in your life feel better and more confident each day.

Celebrate in style and collaborate for Dad's total health and well-being, today and always!

Your Santo Remedio Team

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