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Myth or Reality? What's True About Turmeric

¿Mito o realidad? Lo Que Hay de Cierto Sobre la Cúrcuma

We admire the amazing support nature can provide to help us maintain and improve our health. That is the cornerstone of Santo Remedio. Within that scope, turmeric is one of our favorites because it is a complete and reliable food source. Even when a product comes with a legendary good reputation, we still rely on modern scientific evidence to prove it. We know this may be confusing when you read conflicting information on the internet about turmeric, especially concerning its use for weight loss. Let us clarify for you, so that rather than create false expectations, we get the most out of this spice instead.

What is known: anti-inflammatory properties

Benefits provided by curcumin, the most prominent ingredient in turmeric, focus on supporting the body's response to inflammation. For full effect, it needs to be combined with piperine, which is found in black pepper. This helps it absorb and function better.

So, does it help with weight loss or not?

Some recent studies have tried to determine a link between turmeric consumption and reduced weight/body mass. What has been observed so far is that people who are overweight and obese also suffer from inflammation. Turmeric supports inflammation response related to adipose tissue, which could aid the weight loss journey. However, turmeric is not a weight loss miracle and can do nothing for weight loss alone.

In 2019, the journal Frontier in Pharmacology published the results of a systematic review and trial meta-analysis evaluating the possible effect of curcumin on overall weight in patients with high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. In total, 21 studies on a total of 1,604 people were evaluated, with the results demonstrating that although curcumin had positive effects in these types of patients, hip width did not decrease. (1)

On the other hand, there are small studies that have shown curcumin can help with some intestinal issues related to inflammation. Although this is very promising and may explain the fact that some people who consume turmeric feel less bloating, there is no assumption made about weight loss, and there is still a lot of research to be done in this area. (2)

To sum up...

Turmeric cannot help take off the pounds. Its main benefit is in providing support to the body for dealing with inflammation.

We must be honest with ourselves and keep in mind that excess weight is determined by several key factors: consuming more calories than necessary, little to no physical activity, too much carbohydrates, too little fiber, and others. With time, this is complicated by the development of other aspects that affect weight, such as cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or spice that works to remove fat! Weight loss is a holistic approach that requires healthy diet + physical activity + good rest + proper nutrition + right choices. Combining your efforts will always yield good results.

Let's get healthier, together.

Your Santo Remedio Team

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