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What is a day like Entalla Tailored to you? Here we tell you

¿Cómo es un día en Entalla a Tu Medida? Aquí te lo contamos

Haven't you tried the system yet? Entalla Tailored to you? Don't know how to start? Do you wonder if you are capable of doing it because you don't like diets? Well, the first thing we should remind you is that although we sometimes use the word “diet”, in reality it is not. As our nutritionist constantly reminds us Sabrina Hernández-Cano, expert in bariatric nutrition and diabetic patients, and Dr. John, as a cardiologist, an expert in conditions related to coronary heart disease, Entalla It is a complete system that supports the weightloss and which includes ALL aspects that affect this process and its long-term maintenance.

Regarding food, what is in a day of Entalla

  • The formula of Entalla It's 2-1-2, that is: 2 shakes, 1 main meal and 2 snacks, in the order you prefer! You can have your main meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • It is also important to consider supplements Entalla to support your weight loss process.

Let's look at an example of what your food and supplement day might look like:


Breakfast: Smoothie + Super Slim Coffee  (In any order you want)

→You drink 1 cup of hot water, vegetable milk or the low-fat milk of your choice, with a portion of Super Slim Coffee. The mixture of Colombian coffee, more cocoa, thermogenics such as green tea or cinnamon and other products such as the lion's mane mushroom, among others, toaccelerate metabolism, your fiber intake and they collaborate in the burning of fats

→The protein shake Entalla You make it by mixing 8 to 10 ounces of water, non-dairy milk, or low-fat milk of your choice, with your choice of any flavor (whey milk vanilla, whey milk chocolate or vegan vanilla). You blend it in the blender or in your portable glass and that's it! This helps you build lean muscle, especially if you drink it immediately after exercising. And something very important: it helps you keep feeling full for longer.



Snack 1 + MetaBoost

→For snack you need something nutritious that will help you calm your hunger and keep you focused, without snacking here and there, until lunch. Follow the daily menu Entalla to make the process easier.

→Take a capsule of MetaBoost with a large glass of water (between 12 to 16 ounces). The combination of thermogenics, such as green tea, helps you increase burning calories.

*MetaBoost can also be taken with any meal, up to 2 times a day as long as you don't have a sensitivity to caffeine or other health problems. This product contains 150 mg of caffeine per serving. Always consult your doctor before using it.



Skinny Yummy Gummy + Main Meal 

→About 30 minutes before your lunch, eat 2-4 gummies Skinny Yummy Gummy with a large glass of water (between 12 and 16 ounces). This helps the fiber they contain to expand in your intestines and you don't need as much food to feel full. While the prandbiotics that they contain, support your digestion, given that toyudan tol growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.

*Skinny Yummy Gummy can also be taken before dinner or with any other meal.


→For your lunch (breakfast or dinner, if you prefer), check the daily menu Entalla. All the recipes are simple, refreshing and easy to prepare, adaptable to your tastes, and perfect for every time of the year! They have been designed by our nutritionist Sabrina Hernández Cano, focusing on balanced nutrition, rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, prebiotics and probiotics.



Snack 2 + Will Pow(d)er (optional)


→The second snack is similar to the mid-morning one. We suggest that you follow the daily menu Entalla to facilitate them.

→Prepare a glass of Will Pow(d)er cold or hot to help you to improve mood and combat stress, thanks to Ingredients such as magnesium, potassium, 5-HTP, passionflower and chamomile, which help us stay relaxed. In addition, this mixture provides essential electrolytes that help the functioning of our central nervous system and muscle relaxation.

*Will Pow(d)er can also be taken after exercise, before bed, or when you need to relax.





—>Prepare it as you did before, in the flavor you prefer. If your main meal is at this time, swap the shake for dinner.


Other details to take into account…

  • Don't forget to drink the equivalent of half your weight in ounces of water during the day.
  • If your main meal is at the end of the day, when you get home from work, we recommend that you eat at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  • And of course, keep your body active during the day and sleep 7 to 8 hours each night to recover 100%.

    * We cannot leave aside any of these aspects if we want to achieve a true transformation that lasts over time. or help us stay at a healthy weight.

    Entalla It motivates us to modify our habits and change our mentality to learn to make the decisions that will help us take control of our weight, our health and our general well-being. Do you dare to try Entalla? Tell us your experience and join our community Entalla!

    Your team Santo Remedio

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