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Santo Remedio: Two years improving the health of Hispanics

Santo Remedio: ¡Dos años mejorando la salud de los hispanos!

Time flies! Two years ago, in the middle of 2020, in the midst of a pandemic like we have never experienced, Santo Remedio was born. 24 months later, we are still here, against all odds (and the pandemic itself!), plus we have become the trusted brand for preventive health care for you and your family. This fills us with pride and responsibility! And it is precisely thanks to your preference that we have launched two additional lines, Entalla and PIEL ETERNA, which complement your health care with weight loss and skin protection.


In the past two years, we have had an incredible journey with many challenges, but with gratitude. Our goal has always been to fill the gaps our Hispanic community has, with little access to tools that allow them to take control of their health in a preventive way. We know most of our major health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes, are related to our habits. Therefore, prevention is vital. You need the right information to make the necessary changes and take the natural supplements that support your willpower and discipline. All of this is the foundation of Santo Remedio.


We are proud to know that we have been able to fulfill our promise to become that channel of information and resources for our community to understand the importance of preventive health while also growing together.


>Our Santo Remedio line is constantly innovating with new products and formulas that are even more effective and meet the needs of our families, such as the Children Multivitamin gummies, created with the kiddos in mind.


>On the other hand, Entalla is helping hundreds of people achieve a total transformation by losing weight and regaining their health. This is wonderful! We know that every person who takes control of their weight is one less person who is part of the sad statistics of disability and death from heart failure, stroke, or diabetes, among others.


> PIEL ETERNA is literally changing the face of our community, bringing out the best in each person by treating and improving their skin, avoiding skin diseases, increasing self-esteem, plus looking and feeling amazing inside out.


We want you to be aware that the small or big decisions you make today for your health not only have immediate repercussions but will reflect in your quality of life in the medium and long term, as well as an example for your children. Health is a comprehensive management issue. That's why our products and tools are too, and that makes us unique!


  • We continue to grow as a Hispanic company, committed to creating high-quality products FOR HISPANICS, with natural ingredients that are known for being successfully used since ancient times and supported by modern science.


  • We continue to work with the most passionate doctors and professionals for preventive health and supporting our own because we know that only conviction moves mountains and overcomes any challenge.


  • We continue to create and plan every day to provide you with better options, new products, attractive kits, and discounts that work for you. Make sure to check our webpage and emails constantly! We are always thinking of you!


Your trust is the key to our success and what allows us to continue giving our best and looking for new ways to help you achieve positive changes. We want to support you in fulling your dreams for which you came to this country and the wonderful, healthy, and happy life you deserve.


Let’s celebrate these two years together, dreaming of a promising, healthy, and wonderful future!


Your Santo Remedio team

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