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How to Recover Quickly From Pain

Cómo recuperarse rápidamente del dolor

You’re exercising regularly and getting closer than ever to your health goals. Along the way, you’ve probably experienced a few new aches and pains. We have some helpful ideas to lessen pain and recover from exercise faster so you can enjoy the benefits of exercise with minimal discomfort. 


Bottoms up

Make sure you drink plenty of water so you’re fully hydrated. Water lubricates joints and regulates body temperature. Not only that, you need sufficient water to transport nutrients around the body to give you energy and keep you healthy.


Snack well

Fueling your body with nutritious foods will help your body reap the most benefits from exercise. A power snack includes a balance of carbs, healthy fat, and especially protein. Why protein? Exercise triggers a normal breakdown in muscle protein. Eating protein delivers the amino acids necessary to repair and strengthen muscles. Get a post-workout protein boost with Santo Remedio Entalla Protein. It’s a delicious and convenient way to get the muscle-mending protein your body needs. 


Cool off

After vigorous exercise, cool down for 10 minutes with light movement. A gentle cool down allows your heart rate and blood pressure to return to normal gradually. Blood that’s been serving your muscles can make its way back to the heart, which may decrease muscle soreness.
Include a few minutes of slow and steady stretching. Keeping your muscles limber can help protect them and your joints from injury.


Dial up nutrients

Did you know certain nutrients are especially effective for mitigating exercise pain and speeding recovery? CoQ10 can be helpful in avoiding muscle fatigue. As a bonus benefit, it supports cardiovascular health! Research shows that curcumin, the main substance in a turmeric supplement, is an anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain after an intense workout.


Hit the sack

As if it weren’t already enjoyable enough, quality sleep helps your body repair muscle. It also helps balance hormones and renews your energy so you can perform your best each day. Move past the pain and straight to your goals. We’re with you every step of the way.
Let’s get healthier, together,
Your friends at Santo Remedio




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