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How to have radiant skin in winter

Cómo tener una piel radiante en el invierno

Winter brings with it a lot of fun, such as Christmas festivities, snow days and the possibility of spending time with family and friends, but it also brings dry air and very cold weather, both of which affect the skin. And you may be wondering, should I really alter my beauty routine? Of course! You will probably notice that your skin begins to become drier, irritated, and dull. (1). It's a clear sign of What should you do little changes to continue with radiant and healthy skin all year round. Here we share several tips to help you achieve it.


Use a hydrating cleanser

Cleaning the skin is the first step and the most important in any beauty routine. As the temperature drops, humidity levels also decrease and the skin becomes drier. In the winter, tea We recommend using a hydrating cleanser to return that moisture and support the skin's barrier against the cold. Our Purifying Cleanser contains squalene, which is highly moisturizing, helping to smooth the texture of the skin and to match your tone. Use it every morning and night.


Apply a deeper moisturizer

When experiencing lower temperatures, skin requires more protection against dryness to stay hydrated. For fight it you can use the Moisturizing Facial Cream, because its antioxidant ingredients and peptides help stimulate collagen to achieve a firm, radiant and healthy complexion. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid, which gives it a high degree of moisturizing to the skin. Remember to apply it daily after cleanser.


Add retinol at night

To counteract the effects of the cold, it is good to add a product with retinol to your beauty routine, as it helps restore the skin's natural barrier and soften it. You can use our A.C.E. Intensive Regenerating Oil with Retinol, which helps accelerate the renewal of skin cells and to stimulate collagen. You will notice how you will elevate your routine, especially at this time, by adding this simple, but effective step.


Don't forget the sunscreen

Although the sun is no longer as intense as in summer, whatever, shows its effects. Ignore them It is the most common mistake that many make during winter. Therefore, youUsing sunscreen all year round is essential to combat the aggression of ultraviolet rays. te rwe recommend the RADIANCE Solar and Mineral Primer for its high level of SPF because, even if the temperature drops, always There is radiation and even small amounts can add up to the cumulative damage that leads to cancer, wrinkles, pigmentation problems and skin aging.(2). Plus, this protector provides a tint that adapts to your skin tone, for subtle coverage of imperfections while protecting you. so much of the sun like artificial light.


Nourish your body with vitamins and minerals

It is always important to complement your winter skin care routine with a balanced diet to consume the vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin. You can check our Daily Menu Entalla for easy and delicious recipes. Also, you can seek support from Beauty Gummies which have a combination of vitamins C and E, biotin, zinc and collagen (3), all important precursors to the health and beauty of your skin, hair and nails.

Keeping your skin bright, radiant and healthy is possible during all the different seasons of the year if the necessary changes are made. Tell us, what do you do to look beautiful during the winter and the rest of the year? 

Your team Santo Remedio.





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