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5 Tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

5 Tips para no ganar peso durante las fiestas

Stuffed potatoes, pozole, buñuelos, punch, hallacas, coquito and other delicacies bring us together not only around the table, but also around the good times we have at the parties. In fact, it is proven that during the end of the year celebrations we usually gain weight(1). Does this mean thatI should eat celery and lettuce at parties? ¡Not at all,!CWith these simple tips you cans enjoy the food, the celebrations and stay in shape. Yes indeed, avoid excesses.


1. Don't jump foods

Skip breakfast or lunch during this season with the idea of ​​consuming less caloriesThis may not be a good option, because when dinner time comes we have more hungry and we tend to eat mores than usual. Better choose to increase consumption of fiber and of protein since, according to studies, it helps you feel full for longer.s time(2). Also remember Put small portions on your plate. ANDso it will help you not to overdo it with the rest of the food.


2. Avoid alcohol

This season there is an abundance of punch, wine, margaritas and cocktails. All with a lot of sugarcar! Research indicates that when binge drinking we can consume up to 1000 caloriesace per day (3). Choose other drinks without added sugar, like a rich man coffee or water. lor important is to be hydrated and avoid those calorieshidden aces


3. Try saying “no” to desserts

We know that we love sweet things, cookies and Grandma's dessertbut they have too many caloriesso we don't need them! Especially pFor these occasions, we recommend that you use your willpower and if you are going to give in to temptation, choose and “try” just one dessert. It is also a good idea to take a large glass of water and two capsules of Super Nopal, that in addition to providing fiber, to help you feel full, improves carbohydrate metabolism, thus helping to maintain normal blood sugar levelscar in the blood. Be careful, that doesn't mean you can eat uncontrollably.


4. Less salt

We love party food, but it is usually very seasoned and that includes a good dose of salt. It is well known that foods high in sodium contribute to increased cardiac complications (4), So that avoiding very salty foods is notIt's going to help us stay in shape, if not tooandn to take care of our heart.


5. Don't stop moving

Taking care of what we eat is important, but alsoit is take care of what we do. Our body is not made to stay still. NWe need to move to stay fit and in good spirits. (5). Maybe be a little mores difficultIt's easy to follow your normal exercise routine during these dates, but you can always walk, either dance a lot at parties! The important thing is to stay with energy to keep moving.


Now yes, the extra pounds from the holidays won't take youn by surprise and if you celebrate with conscience, your clothes will follow you remaining the proximo aNo. Enjoy those gatherings with friends and family without regrets, while you continue to take care of your health and your figure.

Your team, Santo Remedio.



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