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Meet the winner of the DALE Challenge

Conoce a la ganadora del Reto DALE

Introducing Gloria Alfaro, the winner of the DALE Challenge for the month of January. She connected from Denver, Colorado, with Dr. Juan and Karla Martínez of Despierta América, Univisión, to share her success story. And in a few days, she will travel to Miami for a consultation with the nutritionist at Entalla Sabrina Hernández-Cano and preventive cardiological health with Dr. Juan.

More than 12 thousand people joined the challenge, committing to her health! Choosing a winner was a very difficult task, since they all demonstrated the importance they are giving to controlling her weight to achieve better health. Gloria conquered us not only because we lost 15 pounds in 28 days, but also for her discipline and determination to do everything in her power to prevent the deterioration of her health in the future. She not only wanted to lose a few pounds in a few days, but also learn how to eat and what habits to acquire so she could carry them out for the rest of her life.

  • Gloria Alfaro managed to reach her goal by changing her regular diet to the formula. Entalla 2-1-2, two snacks, a main meal and two shakes.
  • For four weeks, she learned to modify her eating habits and incorporate physical activity, relaxation, more hours of rest and more water.
  • She also incorporated the products Entalla that facilitate the process, helping you eat less, have more energy, more fiber, more nutrients and rest better.
  • These and other tips from nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano allowed her not only to lose weight, but also to begin a life change that gives her greater chances of avoiding heart attacks and other health problems that she has seen in her family, and that are your biggest concern.

That is precisely why in February we carried out a special edition of the DALE plan focused on supporting heart health. We know that this is one of the main health problems among Hispanics. We want you to take control in time, reducing the chances of suffering from any cardiovascular disease.

If you haven't started yet, go to and download the 28-day DALE Plan that best suits your needs. Whatever your motivation, we are here to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Know Gloria's story here and join the thousands of people who are taking the first step towards better health, losing weight!


Some of Gloria's favorite tools to facilitate weight loss, give her energy and help her feel fuller for longer are:

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