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Does ultraviolet light from the gel manicure affect your skin?

¿La luz ultravioleta de la manicura en gel afecta tu piel?

The great concern of those who embellish their nails with the gel manicure is whether the ultraviolet light used is affecting the health of their skin. Read what the dermatologist and creator of Piel Eterna, Dr. Leyda Bowes.


Dr's Tips. Leyda Bowes

The use of ultraviolet or UV lamps for gel manicures has been very popular in recent years to achieve more beautiful and lasting results. This light causes a type of reaction in the gel that allows the nails to dry and harden, making them more resistant to peeling and damage in general. But is there anything we should be aware of when using these devices?


Of course! The type of light these devices emit is UVA (ultraviolet A light), known to penetrate the skin and cause premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. Even, they do so when some L.E.D. lamps continue to emit ultraviolet light, which is the one that performs the reaction process to the light with the gel. It may be that the intensity of light emitted by these lamps is not extremely high, but when it accumulates its effects for months and years, it could add a dose that can present some health risks.


  • One of the ways we can avoid or reduce many of these risks is by applying physical sunscreen before putting our hands under ultraviolet light. For this, just before you start with the application of the glaze, apply an appropriate layer of Radiance SPF 42, which will create a shield to protect your skin. Then, your manicurist can use acetone to remove the sunscreen that can be left in your immediate. You can immediately continue to apply nail polish and you can safely put your hands under the UV lamp.



  • Another important recommendation is to keep the skin of the hands terse, hydrated and revitalized. We can do this by applying the Balsamo Restorador for Cuello and Escola, Piel Eterna, at the top of hands 2 to 3 times a day, for at least three days after doing the gel manicure. Why use this product? The skin of the neck and the back of the hands is very similar and has the same needs. It is thinner than the skin of other parts of the body, such as the face. In addition, it does not have the support of large muscle groups and, more importantly, does not possess the same amount of sebaceous glands. Therefore, the skin of the neck and face can be easily dehydrated, looking wrinkled and aged. And this is why the skin of the hands benefits enormously from an intensely restorative formulation, like that of the Balsamo Restorador for Cuello and Escola.



  • Among the general recommendations to maintain the health and beauty of your hands are to avoid hot water when washing them, as well as not using detergents and strong soaps. For example, always protect them with gloves when you wash the dishes by hand and after doing so, be sure to hydrate it Evita the excessive use of hand sanitizers, as they have a high alcohol content and can remove their fatty acids, which are natural skin protectors. Finally, moisturise your skin frequently, especially at night.


Dr. Leyda Bowes

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