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Dr. Juan: 3 Home Tests to Check Your Memory

Dr. Juan:  3 Pruebas caseras para ver cómo está tu memoria

Preventing premature brain deterioration and staying alert to the early signs that indicate memory loss is essential. There are three simple tests that doctors usually perform on their patients when there is concern about possible Alzheimer's or another type of dementia. That is why Dr. Juan decided to share them on Despierta América, testing Karla Martínez's memory, and for you to try them at home.


These tests are easy to do. You will need someone’s help, a sheet of paper, a pen, a tray or table, and ten things for daily use, such as combs, keys, etc.

Let’s get started!


1. Draw a clock and mark the time the person testing you mentioned.

It is a simple test that helps you recover the information saved within your memory. You should be able to do it without any difficulty.


2. Remember the objects on the tray.

-This gets a little more complicated. You need a tray or table and ten small objects for daily use. For example: a pencil, tweezers, a spoon, a toothbrush, a keychain, a small tool, etc.

-Put them on the tray and cover them.

-Then, uncover them and observe them for a minute.

-After the minute, cover them again and try to remember as many objects as you can from that tray.

This exercise helps check the state of your short memory, which during the degenerative process is the first one that is lost.


3. Remove three objects from the tray.

-For this test, stop looking at the tray for a few minutes. Look the other way.

-Meanwhile, the person testing you will remove three objects from the tray.

-When they say so, turn around and try to discover what those missing objects are.


How did it go?

*Keep in mind that if you don’t get everything right, this does not necessarily mean you are losing your memory. Making some mistakes is normal.

*If you have difficulty completing most of these tests, it is crucial that you visit a specialist as soon as possible to see if there is degenerative damage to your memory that you can treat in time or if it is a temporary situation. The sooner you take action, the better you can treat the problem.

If you want to prevent premature memory deterioration and keep it healthy, Santo Remedio has available Memoria. This is a supplement created with an exclusive formula, which contains a key ingredient: CognatiQ, coffee fruit extract, in its patented form, which has shown the best results in maintaining the main brain functions.

This substance helps neurons communicate more efficiently, increasing focus and concentration and combating brain deterioration. Memoria is a meaningful supplement because Dr. Juan created it from the heart to honor his father and other family members who suffer from dementia and try to prevent it both in his family and our community.

Although memory loss usually has a genetic factor, our lifestyle can be much more decisive in slowing its progression. Controlling weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, staying active, sleeping well, and activating the mind are simple tasks yet vital to support brain functions. And that part is up to you!

Your Santo Remedio team


To better understand these tests, watch the video of Dr. Juan testing Karla Martínez's memory here. (Video)