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Small Changes to Make 2024 Your Best Year!

¡Pequeños cambios para hacer del 2024 tu mejor año!

It’s common to kick off the New Year with all the energy and motivation to improve your overall health and look better than ever. All the parties, dinners, and drinking have come to an end. Now, it’s time to get back to the routine but incorporate new habits into your lifestyle so that 2024 is the year to thrive. Want to learn how? Keep reading!


• Reset your system

With the new year, start incorporating small changes into your lifestyle that will make a big difference, especially for your digestive health. Using small plates to reduce the portions of each meal helps improve digestion, even if they are more frequent. Likewise, take the necessary time to digest food well, so chew for about 15 seconds for each bite. Finally, temporarily avoid citrus foods, such as tomatoes or oranges, and those that can cause bloating, such as legumes.


• Get moving

Whether you are already exercising or just started this year, the important thing is that you make physical activity a pillar in your life. Simple ways to do this, like taking a 20-minute walk around your neighborhood, will make a big difference in how you notice your energy levels, mood, and physical condition. No matter how simple you may see it, like taking your dog or kids for a walk, will help you connect with them and with nature. It’s a sure way to release endorphins!


• Catch up on your sleep

The importance of getting quality sleep cannot be underestimated. By not getting a good night's rest every night, you can create insulin resistance, alter appetite hormones, and reduce physical and mental performance. Poor sleep is one of the most important risk factors for weight gain and obesity. People who don’t get enough sleep tend to choose foods higher in fat, sugars, and calories, which can add extra pounds and increase health markers like cholesterol.


• Improve your diet

Do you want to eat better but don’t know how? We got you! We created the perfect tool: the new Santo Remedio 2024 plan! Here, you will find all the information, tips, recipes, and much more to follow a low glycemic index and high protein eating plan, which helps eliminate bloating, improve your digestive health, and flatten your belly once and for all! It is an easy-to-follow plan created by experts to help you achieve your best version. Get it here.


• Add the right supplements

If you feel you need additional help to support your body, we are here for you! We offer a wide variety of supplements to improve health. If you are concerned about cardiovascular health, you can find Circulation Plus or Red Yeast Rice. If you want to control blood sugar, there is Nopal or Super Nopal. If you would like to increase your energy levels, you can use Ginseng or Vitamin B12. There is something for every health area.


The most important thing when implementing these or any changes is to talk to your doctor and trust that you can achieve your goals. Believe in your potential and ability to commit to achieving what you want most. Hold yourself accountable and execute an action plan so you don’t lose focus. We know you can do it!


Your Santo Remedio team

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