¡SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off supplements! Compra →

¡SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off supplements! Compra →

Meaningful Gift Guide 2023

Tis the season for parties, joy, sparkle, good food, and, of course, gifts! And if your gift list is long and you have no idea where to start, here we share several ideas and recommendations to simplify your life during this busy time. Whether it’s improving your loved ones' digestion, and overall health or elevating their skincare routine, you'll find something for everyone here. Let’s get started!


• To improve digestion


No one likes to feel bloated and uncomfortable, especially during the holidays. To help improve regularity and prevent constipation, the Gut (Intestinal) Health bundle is perfect. It has the proper products to support liver and intestinal health, increase fiber intake, and provide all the beneficial nutrients of fruits and vegetables. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve overall health and support their digestive system.


• To have the key supplements


We all want to enjoy good health, and what better way than with Dr. Juan's Favorites to feel 100%! It is a complete package that has some of Santo Remedio’s most popular supplements to support the immune system and cardiovascular health, manage stress, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It is the perfect present to give health to your loved ones!


• To upgrade the skincare routine


Our Piel Eterna Morning Ritual kit is perfect to elevate mornings and start the day looking and feeling amazing. It has the essential steps to have dreamy, healthy skin. It includes the Revitalizing Eye Cream, ZELMA Brightening Serum, and Moisturizing Face Cream. Best of all, they can be used morning and night, plus they're suitable for all skin types, perfect for anyone on your list!


• To reach and maintain weigh loss goals


For those who want to take care of their figure during Christmas and all year long, our Entalla Kit is ideal! Take advantage of our limited edition Super Slim Café Dulce de Leche fat-burning coffee, to enjoy a classic Latin flavor while reaching or maintaining your ideal weight. It has everything you need to easily start your journey towards a better you. Plus, the new Food Plan is available on our page (FREE!), which includes healthy recipes and valuable tips to enjoy the most beautiful season, without gaining weight!


This is the best time to take advantage of amazing savings on all our products, whether for you or your loved ones. We want to encourage everyone on our community to improve their health inside and out. Give the gift of health and well-being! Happy Holidays!


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