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A Standout Duo for Heart Health

El Exitoso Dúo para la Salud de tu Corazón

In the United States, almost 30% of adults suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, and the World Health Organization estimates that heart disease causes 31% of annual deaths worldwide.

Heart health is on everyone’s mind, and here at SR, we’re constantly searching for ways to support you.

Here are two effective supplements that can boost your heart health right now.

Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice, common in traditional Chinese medicine, can be effective in lowering your cholesterol level. Too much cholesterol narrows and hardens your blood vessels, which is a major risk factor in developing heart disease.

Red Yeast Rice is made by culturing rice with a certain strain of yeast, called Monascus purpureus. It contains monacolin K, a substance in prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs. One study showed that participants who supplemented with Red Yeast Rice twice daily lowered overall and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol significantly more than those who had the placebo.

Another study followed 25 people who consumed Red Yeast Rice over a month. For most, the level of LDL cholesterol was reduced by 21%.


Researchers have found that Coenzyme Q10 can improve heart health. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that contains ubiquinol—the only antioxidant known to neutralize free radicals that contribute to heart disease.

One study found that supplementing with CoQ10 over a long period of time improved the symptoms of heart disease and reduced the number of major adverse cardiovascular events.

Another year-long study showed that people with heart failure experienced fewer hospitalizations when they regularly consumed CoQ10.

Heart disease can be scary, but a healthy lifestyle that includes researched supplements can help keep your ticker going for years to come.

Let’s get healthier, together,

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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